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America—Land of Toxic Babies (new report names top baby food manufacturers, and a lax FDA, as the culprit)

America—Land of Toxic Babies (new report names top baby food manufacturers, and a lax FDA, as the culprit)

Posted: 2021/02/05

Garden City Park, NY: After last being reported back in October 2017, it turns out once again that our nation’s top baby food manufacturers have “knowingly sold baby food that contained high levels of toxic heavy metals” according to documents released in a congressional investigation earlier this week.

Of course, this is nothing new if you happen to be former FDA investigator and Unsafe at Any Meal (Square One, $16.95) author Dr. Renee Dufault. The results of this new report, however, only scratch the surface of a much more disturbing and far-reaching picture in consumer health.

Dr. Dufault’s own extensive research in this area actually dates back over more than a decade to 2005, when she was still working as a health investigator for the Food and Drug Administration. That was the year when she discovered that baby formula was comprised largely of corn sweeteners and vegetable oil. As she notes in chapter six of her book ("Spotlight on Autism and ADHD"), many baby formulas "contain corn sweetener in the form of corn syrup or corn syrup solids. Some formulas contain more corn sweetener than any other ingredient. I found one baby formula product in my local grocery store with a food ingredient label that claimed 54 percent of the product was made up of corn syrup solids and 26 percent of the product consisted of assorted vegetable oils."

Even though she has been aware of this problem for years—and has worked diligently to alert the consumer public to it—she applauds the release of these newly publicized findings and the continued force for change that it represents. Whether or not people will now finally wake up to this problem remains to be seen.

For those who want to more fully educate themselves on this issue right nowUnsafe at Any Meal is now available in paperback/eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere else books are sold. It is also now available in audio book format, as narrated by Diane Neigebauer—to check out a "sample" of the book in audio, click here.)

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