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Former NYS Assemblyman HARVEY WEISENBERG champions better wages for caregivers of the developmentally disabled amid COVID

Former NYS Assemblyman HARVEY WEISENBERG champions better wages for caregivers of the developmentally disabled amid COVID

Posted: 2021/04/05

Garden City Park, NY: As reported this week by Michael Gormley in New York Newsday, a serious effort is now being made in Albany by Governor Andrew Cuomo and fellow legislators to ensure that part of the state's proposed $193 billion budget is allotted to "provide for a higher, living wage to retain trained, experienced workers" who tend to those of New York's youths and adults with special needs.

Harvey Weisenberg, a major voice for all manner of public service—across New York State in general, and the Long Island town of Long Beach in particular—for more than sixty years, has kept himself actively engaged in the fight to get better wages for those folks who give their care to the disabled. And as with so many things throughout his life, much of Weisenberg's political advocacy springs from a personal story.

At the heart of Harvey's autobiography For the Love of a Child: My Life, My City & My Mission ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0480-3) is his ongoing dedication and loyalty to his late wife Ellen's son, Ricky, who was born with cerebral palsy.

Now blind at 62 years old and unable to speak, Ricky has lost his caregiver of eight years because of the economic struggles for so many in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While he wants to do all he can to ensure his son receives the kind of care on which he has come to depend, Weisenberg also knows—from decades of political service spent on behalf of the disabled community—that the best you can do in life is equalled only by the most lives you can help best.

Weisenberg's undying commitment to the disabled was recognized in June 2019 by the New York State Senate and Assembly, in a salute to a remarkable career where he was instrumental in the passing of 337 bills into law—many of which were focused on the needs and challenges of the disabled community.

To learn more about Harvey Weisenberg's life and his ongoing commitment to the good in everyone, feel free to check out For the Love of a Child either at Amazon, B&, Bookshop—or, yes, even from your local library (you'll either find it there yourself, or your librarian will be able to find it for you).

* Harvey Weisenberg photo credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams

For the Love of a Child

This is the story of Harvey Weisenberg—a lifeguard, teacher, policeman, and eventually a New York politician, who quietly made a difference in the lives of millions of children and adults with special needs. In the summer of 1965, Harvey, a lifelong resident of Long Beach, New York, met two people who would make a profound impact on his life: Ellen Laufer and her seven-year-old son, Ricky, who ...
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