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So you've heard hemp CBD oil is hot? Well, our book on it is sizzling!

So you've heard hemp CBD oil is hot? Well, our book on it is sizzling!

Posted: 2018/08/10

Garden City Park, NY:  The summer of 2018 here at Square One has very much been the "Summer of Hemp CBD Oil."

Following the FDA's first-ever approval on June 25th of a cannabis / CBD oil-based medication called Epidiolex, the flood gates have been flung wide open as sales of hemp CBD oil products have crept into the mainstream. At the same time, our country's veterans have begun to make a strong demand and organized lobby for greater access to hemp / CBD oil products as a way to treat and cope with chronic pain and PTSD.

This would explain the trouble that Square One has had just trying to keep up with orders for its book, Healing with Hemp CBD Oil ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0455-1), by bestselling author and noted pharmacist Dr. Earl Mindell. We have already sold through four print runs of the book in four months, and it remains the #1 title on hemp CBD oil within the book trade as well.

Healing with Hemp CBD Oil—along with Dr. Mindell's other titles The Happiness Effect, What You Must Know About Allergy Relief  (co-written by fellow bestselling health author Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith), and What You Must Know About Homeopathic Remediesis available now on, through Barnes & Noble (B&, and everywhere else that books are sold.