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Visions of sugar plums, making us dead

Visions of sugar plums, making us dead

Posted: 2018/12/18

Garden City Park, NY: On December 18, 2018—the same day that beloved Laverne & Shirley star and acclaimed director Penny Marshall died at age 75 due to complications from diabetes—medical doctor and author Dr. David Perlmutter appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss how America's gluten- and sugar-filled diets (written about in his book, Grain Brain) continue to lead the way to the kind of mental decay associated with Alzheimer's disease—not to mention the greater likelihood of cancer, heart attacks, and the aforementioned diabetes that also can occur.

The tragedy at the heart of our nation, though, is that as we gear up for yet another carbs-loaded and sugar-filled holiday season stuffed with cookies and cakes, most of the American people avoid the simple truth about those simple sugars that too many of us consume each day.

This, of course, has remained nothing new to Square One's author/nutritionist and longtime anti-sugar pioneer Dr. Nancy Appleton. Having determined by the mid-1970s—through her own extensive studies of diet and its effect on health and lifestyle—that overconsumption of sugar was a key component in a number of both chronic and acute human diseases, Dr. Appleton went on to lecture and work tirelessly throughout the US and as far across the globe as Zimbabwe, Africa to bring the various benefits of a sugar-free diet and lifestyle to as many families and citizens as possible.

After writing her first book on this topic in the early 1990s—the bestselling title Lick the Sugar Habit (Avery), with more than one million copies sold—Dr. Appleton continued her work and research. The results of her continued vigilance in the face of this all-too-real consumer health danger then led to publication of her bestselling Square One books Suicide by Sugar: A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addiction ($15.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0306-6) and Killer Colas: The Hard Truth About Soft Drinks ($15.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0341-7).

So now, with the national obesity rate now also reaching a near-epidemic level alongside the well-established killers of heart disease and cancer and the uptick of Alzheimer's throughout the US, the question many of us should now ask ourselves is: "Am I really willing to trade my health, and perhaps my life, just so I can drink a soda or two as I eat these raspberry-filled doughnuts?" If you value your existence, the answer to that question should be obvious. And if not, then have youself a Happy Holiday—because it may very well be your last.

Rest in Peace, Penny Marshall