Testosterone Is Your Friend, Second Edition

Understanding & Controlling One of Nature's Most Potent Hormones

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Testosterone Is Your Friend, Second Edition
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Testosterone Is Your Friend, Second Edition

By  Roger Mason


Low levels of testosterone cause countless health problems, including sexual dysfunction and infertility. Testosterone is Your Friend presents the latest and most effective natural treatments for testosterone deficiency. The author first looks at how this hormone functions in men and women and how it affects important health conditions, including osteoporosis, heart disease, and weight gain. He then provides safe, natural treatments designed to elevate testosterone levels and achieve good health.  


Author Biography

Roger Mason is an internationally known research chemist who studies natural health and life extension. He develops unique natural supplements and products. Mr. Mason has written several bestselling titles including Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs and The Natural Diabetes Cure. A frequent guest speaker on radio stations across the country, he advocates natural alternatives to drug therapies. Mr. Mason lives with his wife and dog in Wilmington, North Carolina, where they produce Young Again Products, Inc. You can find out more about Mr. Mason and his books by visiting his website at www.youngagain.org.

Table of contents



1.What Is Testosterone?,

2. Testosterone Precursors,

3. Basic Hormones,

4. Testing Your Hormone Levels

5. How Do I Use It Testosterone?,

6. The Current Evidence,

7. General Benefits,

8. Cardiovascular Health,

9. Diseases and Testosterone,

10. Osteoporosis and Bone Health,

11. Testosterone and Your Prostate,

12. Female Sexuality,

13. Male Sexuality,

14. Testosterone For Women,

15. Psychology and Behavior,

16. Obesity and Body Mass Index,

17. Exercise and Strength,

Seven Steps to Natural Health,

Recommended Reading,

About the Author,



Introduction or preface

Our hormones are basic and vital to our health and well-being. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for both men and women, yet proper natural testosterone supplementation is almost unknown to the medical profession, especially for women. It is only in the last few years that scientists have started to use natural sublingual and transdermal testosterone rather than oral and injected forms that are ineffective.Testosterone related problems include sexual dysfunction, infertility, irritability, depression, poor concentration, decreased sense of well-being, prostate disease, various cancers, diabetes, gynecological conditions in women, impaired cognition, loss of stamina, obesity, decreased muscle mass, male gynecomastia, impaired vasomotor function, osteoporosis, coronary heart problems, and various diseases and conditions we still haven’t researched. All in all, we’re talking about not merely longer lifespan, but a better all around quality of life by maintaining youthful testosterone levels. Literally 90 percent of men, by the age of fifty, have low levels, and need supplementation. Most women over forty have lost half their testosterone already. Testosterone really is your friend.

Testosterone is not a “magic hormone” that is used alone in order to cure what ails you. All of our hormones work together in concert, and all of them must be balanced together in harmony as a team as is stressed in chapter 3, “Your Other Hormones.” All our basic hormones are vital to our health and well-being. Every illness is due in part to a hormone imbalance. Doctors just cannot help you when it comes to natural hormone balance. Everyone should learn more about diet, supplements, and hormones in general. The best doctor you can have is yourself. Take responsibility for your health, and cure the very cause of your condition.                            

This is the most comprehensive, researched, factual, and effective book about testosterone for men and women. There are many hundreds of studies in my files, and this book could be a lot longer. Half of this book would be devoted to, and should be devoted to women, however most available research is on men. Science will know more about proper testosterone therapy for men and women in the future,and routinely test men and women for their basic hormone levels, and provide their patients with proper supplemental ones as needed in the required doses.