Guide to Successful Gardening in Florida’s Zone 9A

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Guide to Successful Gardening  in Florida’s Zone 9A
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160 pg

GARDENING / Landscape

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Guide to Successful Gardening in Florida’s Zone 9A

By  Flagler County Master Gardeners


For amateur and professional gardeners, this instructional book provides practical, time-tested guidance for cultivating lawns, gardens, orchards, and more in the challenging environment of Central Florida’s Zone 9A. Due to the region's soil conditions, temperature extremes, salinity, and water supply, it is very difficult to grow anything in this area. Yet this guide features factual information to enable anyone, from the rank amateur gardener to experienced professionals, to successfully work with herbs, shrubs, trees and palms, and fruits and vegetables. Also included are sections that detail the differences between wanted and nuisance wildlife, complete planting charts by season, and a useful glossary.


Author Biography


Flagler County Master Gardeners is a Florida-based group of trained horticulturists who volunteer their time to provide research-based horticulture information to the general public. Based in the University of Florida, the Master Gardeners promote environmental awareness while empowering people to do their part in maintaining sustainable plant communities that protect the environment and conserve water and energy. Master Gardeners advise and teach:

·         Safe and efficient use of chemicals and fertilizers.

·         The correct selection and placement of plant materials for energy and water conservation.

·         Mulching and composting practices that reduce, reuse, and recycle yard trash.

·         The use of plant materials to attract desirable wildlife.