The Smart Brain Train

How to Keep Your Child's Brain Healthy and Wise

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The Smart Brain Train
Square One Publishers


5.5 X 8.5 in
56 pg

EDUCATION / Parent Participation
JUVENILE NONFICTION / Health & Daily Living / Diet & Nutrition
$7.95 Paperback
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The Smart Brain Train

By  Nina Anderson
Frances Meiser


This delightful book offers a nutritional approach to improving children's brain health.
The authors first address the child, explaining the importance of water, exercise, and nutrition in brain development. They then offer vital supplemental information for parents, who are guided in taking an active role in their child's brain development with the goal of achieving higher levels of learning. A progress chart, to be filled in by parents and kids together, makes it easy and fun to imporve diet and lifestyle habits.


Author Biography

Nina Anderson is a licensed pilot and professional writer. After graduating from Monmouth College, Ms. Anderson embarked on a career in aviation that would span over forty years. With her experience in flying both commercial airline and corporate planes, Ms. Anderson has written several exciting books on aviation including The Backseat Flyer and Eliminating Pilot Error! The Final Step in Flight Training. Ms. Anderson lives in Massachusetts and still loves to fly airplanes. -

Frances Meiser is an educator, author, and pioneer in bringing new information on brain function and its neuroplasticity to the educational arena and an aging population. At age fifty, she was labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder, and now she shares with her audience the methods she has learned to both deal with this “diagnosis” and to overcome it. Ms. Meiser earned her Masters of Education degree from Concordia University in Austin, Texas. Today, she is a frequent lecturer on brain health for both children and adults.