The Realities of Creation

Moving Beyond the Limitations of Our Beliefs

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The Realities of Creation
Rainbow Ridge


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192 pg


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The Realities of Creation

By  Jean Adrienne


Because we are multi-dimensional beings, we have the ability to create in several, if not many, different realities. We aren't just limited to the physical world anymore. Truly we never were, but we just weren't able to expand our minds to be able to see that. We had no frame of reference. The past is gone, taking with it all thoughts of playing small. We have found that magic lamp, and we aren't limited to just three wishes—we can have as much (or as little) as we can handle. This book is a toolbox, filled with ideas to help us move beyond our pre-conceived notions and limiting beliefs. The reader can take a little from each of the contributors and craft the method of conscious creation that best works for them—with consistency, ease, and grace! This book came about as a co-creation between the speakers on the popular Realities of Creation tele-summit. Each speaker contributed a chapter on their area of expertise— topics that they have been writing and teaching about for a while. If one particular author resonates with you, you can find more information on that topic on their websites. Our reality is changing and this book provides new information to assist you in your own path of conscious creation.


"[A] fantastic group effort led by editor Jean Adrienne that explores the mysticism of DNA and the theory that it holds knowledge, can manifest change, and has its own soul. DNA is a source of energy, and energy is love . . . a beautiful tapestry of how-to’s to deepen your spiritual practice, overcome obstacles, and improve communication." Retailing Insight Magazine

Author Biography

In this book you will find: JEAN ADRIENNE: DNA Reality of Creation; LESLIE AMERSON: Emotional Mastery, Emotional Freedom; JULIA GRIFFIN: The True Presence, Your True Self; LAURIE HUSTON: Power of the Heart; LINDA MINNICK: Perspective; KATHLEEN O’KEEFE KANAVOS: Dreams During The Age of Aquarius: Six Benefits for You; MAUREEN ST. GERMAIN: How to Get A Higher Self Connection; SUZANNE STRISOWER: You Have a Multidimensional Life Purpose; and LYNN WALDROP: The Body-Mind Connection