Where God and Medicine Meet

A Conversation Between a Doctor and a Spiritual Messenger

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Where God and Medicine Meet
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Where God and Medicine Meet

By  Neale Donald Walsch
Brit Dr.Cooper


Are medical miracles real and is there a spiritual reason they occur? Is there a place for euthanasia in the mind of the spirital seeker? Can participating in open-heart surgery and dissecting cadavers tell a medical student anything about the soul? Is there an intersection between spirituality and physicality where the two become one?

Let's get more direct with our questions. Is there a place for God in the system of modern Western medicine? Should metaphysical/spiritual principles be part of the medical school curriculum? Is keeping patients alive an appropriate top priority for doctors?The answer to of the above questions is yes.

Is it possible that human beings are more than simply biological creatures, physical entities with a highly developed mind? Could it be that we are also (or even primarily) spiritual entities? If so, could "healing" involve more than "fixing" the body and treating the mind, but also engaging the Source from which many believe we have emerged? These are not inconsequential questions. Neither are the answers found here.


"In a thoughtful, open, and 'no-holds-barred' dialogue, Walsch and Cooper show that they have much to share with each other . . . The two end up agreeing that it is time to put the metaphysical back into the practice of Western medicine and to allow allopathic physicians to openly acknowledge and utilize the spiritual component of their craft."Retailing Insight - Anna Jedrziewski

Author Biography

NEALE DONALD WALSCH is the author of nine books in the Conversations with God series, which have sold over ten million copies in 37 languages. He is one of the major authors in the new spirituality movement, having written 28 other books, with eight books on the New York Times bestseller's list. His life and work have helped to create and sustain a worldwide spiritual renaissance, and he travels globally to bring the uplifting message of the CwG books to people everywhere. He lives in Oregon with his wife, the American poet, em claire.


Bit Cooper, MD graduated from the University of British Columbia medical school at 24 after being the top mathematics and science student at the University of Victoria. She is the author of the forthcoming book, From Doctor to Healer: A Clarion Call to the Medical Profession.