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Joanne Abrams earned her BA in English from the CW Post Campus of Long Island University. As an editor for over twenty years, and a cookbook editor for more than a decade, Joanne has become an expert at preparing meals on the run. She is currently Executive Editor at Square One Publishers.

Kitchen Quickies

Jeanne Adlon has been deeply involved with animals for over thirty-five years. She worked for Cleveland Amory’s Fund for Animals; owned and operated Cat Cottage, the first store in Manhattan specifically designed for cats and cat lovers; and went on to become the city’s first full-time cat sitter. In between calls, she writes a popular weekly column as a cat expert on CatChannel.com, a website for cat lovers. She shares her home with several rescued cats and a perky little pooch named Ziggy.

Cat Calls

Susan Aisen

How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge

James Allen was born in Leicester, England in 1864. After leaving school at the age of fifteen to support his family, Allen worked, read, and carefully observed the world around him. It was not until he was thirty-eight that he wrote From Poverty to Power, one of the first motivational books. His next book, As a Man Thinketh, established his reputation as an inspirational writer. Other books on spirituality included The Eight Pillars of Wisdom and From Passion to Peace. Although his writing career lasted for only ten years, until his death in 1912, Allen produced twenty titles that influenced millions in the same manners as the words of Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale.

As a Man Does
Light on Life’s Difficulties

Gloria Ambrosia is a muffin-baking expert and the best-selling author of Gloria’s Glorious Muffins and Gloria’s Gourmet Low-Fat Muffins. In addition to creating muffins and writing cookbooks, she is a teacher of Buddhism and spirituality at retreat centers throughout the United States. Gloria received her master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of North Carolina.

The Complete Muffin Cookbook

Dr. Paul Ameisen, a medical practitioner for over two decades, has a Diploma of Naturopathy and a Diploma Medicina Alternativa, and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. His first appointment was as resident at St. Vincents Hospital in Sydney, Australia. He has since practiced at the Framingham Union Hospital in Boston; at the Baragwanath Hospital in South Africa; and in other hospitals around the world.

Every Breath You Take

Carl A. Anderson, is the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and Vice-President of the American Section of the Pontifical Institute John Paul II, where he is the Professor of Family Politics. He is the author of the best-selling book A Civilization of Love: What Every Catholic Can Do to Transform the World, as well as numerous other published works.

Oil On the Wounds

Nina Anderson is a licensed pilot and professional writer. After graduating from Monmouth College, she embarked on a career in aviation that would span over forty years. With her experience in flying both commercial airline and corporate planes, Ms. Anderson has written several exciting books on aviation, including The Backseat Flyer and Flying Above the Glass Ceiling: Inspirational Stories of Success from the First Women Pilots to Fly Airline and Corporate Aircraft. Ms. Anderson's interest in technology and conspiracy theories inspired her to write the suspense novel 2012 Airborne Prophesy. She lives in Massachusetts and still loves to fly airplanes.

2012 Airborne Prophesy
Atlantis Today
ADD: The Natural Approach
A Doctor in Your Suitcase
All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care
The All-Natural High-Performance Diet
Analyzing Sports Drinks
The Backseat Flyer
Crissy the CowPot Gets Her Wish
Eliminating Pilot Error!
Flying Above the Glass Ceiling
Low Carb and Beyond
Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf
Overcoming Senior Moments
The Secrets of Staying Young
Super Nutrition for Dogs n' Cats

Lynn V. Andrews is the author of 20 books. Her first book, Medicine Woman, published in 1981, was a New York Times bestseller. She has millions of readers in 12 languages. She is the CEO and founder of Lynn Andrews Productions, a documentary filmmaker, and founder of three schools for sacred arts and training. Visit her at www.lynnandrews.com, a website that provides online courses, daily and monthly teachings, seasonal messages, and a Sacred Forum where tens of thousands of people from all corners of the earth come together to discuss their spiritual journeys.

Coming Full Circle

Jeffrey Anshel, OD, received his Bachelor of Science in Visual Science and his Doctorate of Optometry from the Illinois College of Optometry. While in the US Navy, he established the Navy’s first vision therapy center located in San Diego, California. Upon his return to civilian life, Dr. Anshel went into private practice, offering his patients alternative therapies as part of their vision care. Today, in addition to his practice, Dr. Anshel is President of Corporate Vision Consulting.

Smart Medicine for Your Eyes

Marie Nadine Antol is a professional writer with fifteen titles to her credit. She focuses her writing skills in many areas, including that of the culinary arts. She has always enjoyed cooking as well as learning about the foods themselves. Ms. Antol’s bestsellers include Healing Teas, The Incredible Secrets of Mustard, and The Incredible Secrets of Vinegar. Currently, she lives in the Los Angeles area.

Confessions of a Coffee Bean
The Sophisticated Olive

Nancy Appleton, PhD, earned her BS in clinical nutrition from UCLA and her PhD in health services from Walden University. She maintains a private practice in Santa Monica, California. An avid researcher, Dr. Appleton lecturers extensively throughout the world, and has appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows. She is the best-selling author of Lick the Sugar Habit and Healthy Bones. Appleton lives in La Jolla, California.

Stopping Inflammation
Suicide by Sugar
Killer Colas

Garnette Arledge received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland, and a Master of Divinity degree from Drew Theological School. A spiritual director specializing in death and dying education, Garnette is a professional writer and columnist, as well as an experienced Hospice Chaplain. An active lecturer and educator, Garnette chaired the New Jersey Coalition for On Our Own Terms--a Bill Moyer’s PBS special on dying.

On Angel’s Eve

Ken Atchity received his PhD in comparative literature from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. During his academic career, he served as chair of the Department of Comparative Literature at Occidental College, was a Distinguished Instructor at the UCLA Writers Program, and was a Fulbright Professor at the University of Bologna in Italy. A best-selling author, Dr. Atchity has written fourteen books, including A Writer’s Time and Writing Treatments That Sell. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

How to Publish Your Novel

P.M.H. Atwater is the author of more than 15 books, including Future Memory, Beyond the Indigo Children, and We Live Forever. She has been researching the near-death phenomenon since 1978, and is considered a world authority on the subject.

The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences
Dying to Know You

Richard Bach is the author of seventeen books, including Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions, and The Bridge Across Forever. His books have sold tens of millions in over 40 languages throughout the world. Back to back, his work has been on the New York Times bestseller lists for more than four years. He deals, most simply and effectively, with ideas that have the power to change the world.

Messiah’s Handbook
Thank Your Wicked Parents

Steven Bailey, ND, is an internationally recognized authority on juicing and therapeutic juice fasts. He lectures worldwide and is the author of more than 150 articles on natural health. The founder of The Northwest Naturopathic Clinic in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Bailey is also the author of The Fasting Diet.

Juice Alive
The Reluctant Healer

Michael Barbee, CDC, is an educator who has taught in private and public schools for thirty years. While specializing in the field of health and nutrition, he became a Certified Diet Counselor through the Institute for Educational Therapy in Cotati, California. In addition to his teaching, Mr. Barbee enjoys speaking to groups concerned with the relationship of diet to health and disease.

Politically Incorrect Nutrition

Kathleen Barnes is an author, editor, and publisher with a passion for natural health and sustainable living that has its roots in the early days of the natural health movement. You can follow her HCG journey at www.SuperSimpleHCGDiet.com. Her website is www.kathleenbarnes.com.

The Super Simple HCG Diet

Rick Barry gained national attention as a basketball player for the University of Miami when he became the 1965 NCAA Scoring Champion, averaging 37.4 points per game. A year after being drafted by the San Francisco Warriors, he was named NBA Rookie of the Year. In 1967, Barry was named the All-Star Game MVP, and in 1969, he led the Oakland Oaks to an ABA championship. Amazingly, by the time he retired, he was a twelve-time all-star; was the only player to lead the NCAA, ABA, and NBA in scoring; and had the second-best career free-throw percentage in NBA history, at 90 percent.

Today, Rick Barry hosts a popular San Francisco sports talk-radio show, writes a sports column for the San Francisco Examiner, and is a basketball coach consultant for professional players and teams. He is also actively involved in improving organized youth sports as an owner of the United States Basketball Academy.

Rick Barry’s Super Sports Trivia Game

Susana Belen was not always health conscious. It wasn’t until stress and anxiety drove her to seek the help of a holistic chiropracter that she found a new sense of calm in the world of healthy living. A certified lymphologist and a massage and colon therapist, Ms. Belen founded and directs the We Care Holistic Health Spa to promote her message of holistic health.

Detox and Revitalize

Rachel Bell has worked with children and adolescents in varying capacities for twenty years. She has collaborated with Dr. Howard Peiper and Nina Anderson on the well-known booklet, ADD: The Natural Approach. Rachel is currently a teacher in California, and has been schooled in macrobiotic cooking at the Kushi Institute.

The ADD & ADHD Diet!

Since 1980, John and Jan Belleme have published nearly one hundred articles about food and health in major health food-oriented magazines. The Bellemes are also accomplished food photographers and food stylists. Over two hundred of their photographs have appeared in such magazines as East-West, Vegetarian Times, and Palate Pleasers. They are coauthors of Cooking with Japanese Foods. When they have the time, the authors conduct workshops and slideshows on making and using traditional Japanese foods and on natural food cooking. The Bellemes reside in Saluda, North Carolina.

The Miso Book

Dirk Benedict received his degree in Dramatic Arts from Whitman College in Washington. He has starred on Broadway, in films, and in several hit television series, including The A-Team and Battlestar Galactica. When he’s not making a movie or writing screenplays, he pilots his own airplane, composes music, plays the piano and trombone, goes fishing, or just relaxes with his two sons. Dirk Benedict divides his time between California and Montana.

Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy
And Then We Went Fishing

Robert G. Benson is an information systems specialist. He has a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from the University of California-Santa Barbara, and a master’s degree in political science from San Diego State University. In addition, he earned a professional credential in information systems management from the University of California-San Diego. For over thirty years, Benson has studied the I Ching and other related divination systems, using his knowledge of history, political science, and cutting-edge information gathering and analysis. Mr. Benson currently lives in the San Diego area.

I Ching for a New Age

Rosalyn W. Berne explores the intersecting realms between emerging technologies, science, fiction and myth, and between the human and non-human worlds. As a university professor she writes and teaches about engineering and technology in society and the ethical implications of technological development, often using science fiction material in her classes. In her personal life she continues to discover the transformational nature of human-equine relationships, and offers facilitation and translation services for enhancing communication between horses and their owners. She is author of Nanotalk: Conversations with Scientists And Engineers About Ethics, Meaning, and Belief in the Development of Nanotechnology (Erlbaum Press, 2005) and the novel, Waiting in the Silence (Spore Press, 2012). Currently underway, Creating a New World: Biotechnology and Science Fiction brings the non-fictional writing of research scientists together with Berne’s science fiction short stories (forthcoming from Pan Stanford Press).

When the Horses Whisper

Robert L. Blakeslee earned his bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC) in Northern California. He has been a college professor at the International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida, and is an internationally published award-winning graphic designer, art director, and creative director, as well as a cookbook illustrator, photographer, and best-selling author.

Your Time to Cook
Your Time to Bake
Everyone's Time to Cook

Daniel Halevi Bloom grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts in a family of five children, and graduated from Tufts University with an honors degree in literature. The author of seven children’s books published in the United States and overseas, Mr. Bloom has worked over the years as a cartoonist, a newspaper editor, a public relations consultant, and a freelance journalist, and has lived for extended periods of time in Europe, Alaska, Japan, and Taiwan.

Bubbie and Zadie Come to My House

Dr. Fred Bohensky is a professor of biology at the City University of New York, College of Staten Island. He received his undergraduate degree and Masters from Brooklyn College. He earned a doctorate in biology from New York University. Dr. Bohensky is the author of six books, including Square One’s Photo Manual & Dissection Guides. He and his wife currently reside in New York City.

Photo Manual & Dissection Guides

G. G. Bolich, PhD, received his Master’s of Divinity from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. He earned his first PhD in educational leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, and a second in psychology from The Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. Currently a professor at Webster University in South Carolina, Dr. Bolich has taught courses at the university level since 1975. He also provides private counseling, specializing in trauma resolution, and is the published author of six titles and numerous articles in the fields of psychology, religion, and spirituality. Among his published works are Psyche’s Child, Introduction to Religion, and The Christian Scholar.

Twelve Magic Wands

Geoff Bond graduated with honors in applied sciences from London University, and completed postgraduate professional qualifications in 1968. He spent his early career living and working in remote African villages, where he widened his earlier studies in anthropology, biochemistry, and evolutionary human development. Using both research and firsthand observation of tribal societies, Bond developed guidelines for living in harmony with our naturally adapted lifestyle. He is the author of Natural Eating and, with his wife, Nicole, the co-author of Healthy Cooking. He also lectures extensively both in America and Europe, and is a frequent guest on television and radio shows.

Deadly Harvest

Phyllis B. Books, MA, DC, CCN, received her master’s degree in education and interpersonal communication from the University of North Texas, and a doctorate in chiropractic from Parker College in Dallas, Texas. She went on to become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Since 1986, she has specialized in pediatrics and learning differences. Dr. Books is a highly sought-after lecturer and work-shop educator. She heads the Books Family Health Center located in Austin, Texas.

Reversing Dyslexia

Linda Boyd spent many years as a mathematics educator--a career that proved valuable in helping her design the statistical tactics included in this book, and present them in a way that is easy to understand even for the "mathematically challenged." After years of playing blackjack and live poker, Ms. Boyd turned to the more profitable game of video poker.

The Video Poker Edge

Lauren Bradway, Ph.D. is a speech-language pathologist who holds a doctorate in Human Ecology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. In addition to maintaining a successful private practice, Dr. Bradway consults with schools and teacher training programs. She lives in the New York City area and reaches families worldwide through her website, helpingchildrengrow.com.

How to Maximize Your Child’s Learning Ability

Ernie Bringas has a Master of Divinity degree from United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio, and was ordained as a minister of the United Methodist Church. He is presently an adjunct faculty member teaching Religious Studies at Glendale Community College in Arizona and, under their auspices, previously taught at Arizona State University. He served the Church for almost 20 years before venturing into academic studies. During the early 1960s, Ernie and his partner Phil Stewart founded a rock group that came to be known as the Rip Chords. The group, on Columbia Records, placed five hit singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart from 1962 to 1965.


Jim Britt, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and peak performance specialist, is a seasoned organizational executive, a noted success counselor, and an internationally recognized leader in the field of personal-empowerment and business training. His background includes all levels of business experience, research, and application. Over the past thirty years, Jim has founded many successful ventures, ranging from real estate development to the marketing of consumer goods on a national and international scale. Jim has also served as a peak performance trainer or human behavior specialist for hundreds of major companies worldwide, helping employees reach their true potential both professionally and personally.

Do This, Get Rich

Susan E. Brown, PhD, CCN, is a medical anthropologist and New York State Certified Nutritionist. A clinician, researcher, and author, Dr. Brown currently directs the Center for Better Bones and the Better Bones Foundation in Syracuse, New York. Through the foundation, she conducts primary research, lectures widely on osteoporosis reversal, and teaches the use of a holistic, natural program for the regeneration of bone. She is also the author of Better Bones, Better Body: A Comprehensive Self-Help Program for Preventing, Halting & Overcoming Osteoporosis.

The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide, 2nd Edition

Gene Bruno, MS, MHS is the Dean of Academics at the Huntington College of Health Sciences. He has two undergraduate diplomas in Nutrition, a bachelor's degree in Nutrition, a master's degree in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, and a graduate diploma in Herbal Medicine. Gene's extensive research on natural products and herbal remedies has led to numerous articles published in trade and consumer magazines, peer-reviewed journals, and newsletters. He is also featured on the radio show Let's Talk Nutrition.

A Guide to Complementary Treatments for Diabetes

Liza N. Burby is a book editor-turned-author of thirty-eight nonfiction history, science, health, and social issue books for children from elementary school age through high school. She is also a magazine publisher and award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in newspapers like The New York Times and Newsday, and numerous magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Ladies' Home Journal and Writer's Digest. Ms. Burby is also a senior adjunct professor in the journalism program at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY. Dividing her time between fiction and nonfiction pursuits allows her the ability to strengthen her writing in both genres, while always having something new to write about. For an extensive bio, and to learn about her workshops and services for new writers, visit her site at www.lizaburby.com.

How To Publish Your Children’s Book

Dorie Byers is a registered nurse, master gardener, and herb enthusiast. A graduate of Indiana State University, she has spent many years growing herbs and researching their uses. Ms. Byers wrote Natural Beauty Basics because she saw the need for a guide to homemade natural body care products that are effective, economical, and allergen-free, and that emphasize a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Natural Beauty Basics
Taste Life! The Organic Choice

Patrick M. Byrne, PhD, received his undergraduate degree in Asian studies and philosophy from Dartmouth College, a certification from Beijing Teachers University, his master’s degree from Cambridge University, and his doctorate in philosophy from Stanford University. He has served as a visiting lecturer at both Dartmouth and the Beijing Normal University. Dr. Byrne is currently Chief Executive Officer of Overstock.com, a successful internet site. He travels extensively throughout the world.

Tao Te Ching

Henry H. Calero has been an expert on communications and negotiations for over thirty years. He is an independent scholar of nonverbal communication; consultant and writer for professional, academic and technical publications; and a trainer of executives and sales professionals for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Calero is the former president of C-M Associates, a world-renowned business strategy and leadership development consulting firm. He is also the author and coauthor of a number of books on management, negotiations, and communications, including the classic bestsellers How to Read a Person Like a Book and The Power of Non-Verbal Communication. He currently resides on the San Francisco Bay in Redwood Shores, California.

The New Art of Negotiating

Marie Caratozzolo is a graduate of John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, where she earned her BA in English, as well as a secondary teaching certificate. A wife and mother of two, Marie has been a book editor for more than nineteen years. She is currently Senior Editor at Square One Publishers.

Kitchen Quickies

Hyla Cass, M.D. is a noted speaker, consultant, and media expert in the areas of nutritional medicine and psychiatry, which she combines in her clinical practice. She is also assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, and author of several books, including St. John’s Wort: Nature’s Blues Buster, User’s Guide to Ginkgo Biloba, User’s Guide to Vitamin C, Natural Highs, and Supplement Your Prescription. Her website is www.cassmd.com.

The Super Simple HCG Diet

Stacie Castle, MS, RD, CDN, received her BS degree in Food and Nutrition from Queens College, CUNY, and her Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition from Columbia University. She honed her counseling and clinical skills as she worked in health clubs and a prestigious long-term care facility, where she was one of the first dietitians in New York City to define the role of a nutritionist within a Long-Term Home Health Care Program. Stacie opened her own practice in 2001 in Lake Success, New York, where she counsels and inspires thousands of people with type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, celiac disease, and gastrointestinal and metabolic issues. She also offers worksite nutrition lectures to corporations and non-profit agencies. In the fall of 2009, Stacie successfully passed the American Dietetic Association course to obtain a Certification of Training in Adult Weight Management. By using motivational counseling techniques, Stacie has come to know the powerful effects food can have in the prevention and management of disease.

Bite It & Write It

Susan Cavaciuti graduated from the College of Art and Design in Portsmouth, England. She wrote Someone Hurt Me from her personal experience as an abuse victim. Ms. Cavaciuti currently serves as a consultant in Creative Arts for Health at the Community Support Day Program in Holyoke, Massachusetts. She provides therapeutic, creative, and vocational support to children and adults with mental health disorders and physical disabilities.

Someone Hurt Me

Leslie Cerier is a gourmet organic caterer, cooking instructor, and nutritional expert. She is the author of The Quick and Easy Organic Gourmet and coauthor of Sea Vegetable Celebrations. Ms. Cerier has published dozens of articles over the past fifteen years focusing on such topics as vegetarian cooking, nutrition, organic gardening, and natural living.

Going Wild in the Kitchen
Taste Life! Organic Recipes

Bernard Chan, MD, received his medical degree from the University of London in England. He was a member of the scientific staff of the British Medical Research Council and an Elmore Scholar at Darwin College, University of Cambridge. Later, he became Chief Resident in Hematology at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, and Chairman for Medical Affairs of the Canadian Cancer Society. He is currently the Director of the International Medical Centre of the University Hospital in Macau.

The Yin and Yang of Cancer

Raymond Chang, MD, received his medical degree from Brown University, where he was elected Phi Beta Kappa as well as Sigma Xi. After completing his post-doctoral work, he joined the staff of Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center, working there until 1997. He also served on the faculty of Medicine at Cornell Medical College. In the mid-1990s, Dr. Chang was instrumental in developing Cornell Medical College’s alternative medicine education programs. In 1995, he was selected as the first Visiting Professor of the Taiwan Cancer Foundation at the National Taiwan University, and in 1998, Visiting Professor at Shanghai Medical College's Obstetrics/Gynecology. Currently, the author attends at New York-Presbyterian and Beth Israel Hospitals in New York City, and is on the faculty of the Albert Einstein School of Medicine.

Beyond the Magic Bullet—The Anti-Cancer Cocktail

Michael Chaplan is an adventurer, naturalist, and urban treasure hunter. He received a master’s degree in anthropology from Long Island University and a master’s degree in public health from Columbia University. While maintaining a successful professional career in public health, the author has pursued his interest in treasure hunting for over twenty years, traveling both here and abroad. He has recovered thousands of old coins, hidden caches, museum-quality relics, Indian artifacts, and valuable collectibles. Michael Chaplan’s "how-to" articles have appeared in numerous national treasure-trade magazines. He currently lives in the Greater New York metropolitan area.

The Urban Treasure Hunter

Vicki Chelf is an experienced natural foods cooking instructor, an accomplished artist, and an internationally recognized food writer. She has also served as head chef at a top natural foods restaurant. Ms. Chelf has written six cookbooks, including The Arrowhead Mills Cookbook and Cooking for Life.

Vicki’s Vegan Kitchen
Pulp Kitchen Cookbook

Sara Chetkin graduated from Skidmore College in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. In 2007 she earned a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture. She is a Rohun therapist and an Ordained Minister with the Church of Wisdom, Delphi University. She lives in New York with her husband, Brecht, and their son, Adrian.

The Healing Curve

Lim Li Ching works as a researcher for both the biosafety program at the Third World Network and the Institute of Science in Society. She is also the deputy editor of the magazine Science in Society.

GMO Free

Helene Ciaravino received her bachelor of arts in English and master of arts in literature from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. After completing her education, she worked as a book editor and continued cultivating her passion for creative writing. She has written and studied poetry for over a decade. Ms. Ciaravino is also the author of How to Pray.

How To Pray
How To Publish Your Poetry

Robynn Clairday received her undergraduate degree from Michigan State University. Her husband, Matt Clairday, received his degree from Lamar University. Robynn is a professional writer, having authored over ten published books. Matt is a computer consultant. One of their passions is the collection of World War II postcards. This book is a reflection of their mutual pursuit.

Postcards from World War II

Jay S. Cohen, MD, is an associate professor of family and preventive medicine at the University of California, San Diego. He has published numerous research articles, as well as articles in Newsweek, Life Extension magazine, and Bottom Line Health, and is also the author of Over Dose: The Case Against the Drug Companies. Dr. Cohen and his family live in Del Mar, California.

The Magnesium Solution for Migraine Headaches
The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure
Natural Alternatives to Lipitor, Zocor & Other Statin Drugs
Natural Alternatives to Treating Migraines
What You Must Know About Statin Drugs & Their Natural Alternatives

Robert Cohen, editor.

Food for Thought
God’s Nutritionist

Debra S. Cole, MEd, LPC, is a psychotherapist and behavioral medical consultant. She received her BAAS in psychology and MEd in counseling from the University of Texas in Denton, Texas. She has worked extensively as a licensed professional counselor working with couples. In addition, she has practiced as a mediator dealing in separation and divorce cases. Ms. Cole’s practice, Southwest Behavioral Healthcare, is located in Austin, Texas.

Red Flag Relationships

Philip Comella is a practicing lawyer with a philosophy degree whose mission in life is to expose the fallacies in our current materialistic worldview and to advance a more promising—and rational—outlook. In pursuit of that mission, he spent 30 years studying the foundational ideas to our current scientific worldview and developing the arguments made in this book.

The Collapse of Materialism

Patti Conklin is a world-class energy healer, and a much sought-after facilitator who has shared her experiences and changed lives at hundreds of workshops, lectures, and conferences. She is a frequent keynote speaker at alternative healing conventions, including the annual meeting of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She is the creator of ColorWorks, a visualization process that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symptoms, emotions, or physical challenges. Even an episode of the X-Files was partially based on her life and experience.

God Within

Grant Cooper, MD, received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Princeton University, and his medical degree from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr. Cooper is now a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor specializing in spine and musculoskeletal medicine. The author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles and medical texts, he became interested in smoking cessation when his uncle struggled to kick the habit, and finally achieved his goal of living tobacco-free.

Never Smoke Again

Robyn A. Cotler, MS, RD, CDN, received her BS degree from University of Maryland and her Masters in Clinical Nutrition from New York University, where she also completed her internship. Robyn has coauthored a research paper with Rockefeller University Hospital on diet’s influence on blood cholesterol, and has written for Woodbury Magazine and several other newsletters. As a regular guest speaker for elementary and middle school students, she has influenced children to make better food choices. In addition, she has been a guest speaker for cancer and bariatric support groups. Robyn continues to practice in the Woodbury/Plainview area providing individual nutritional recommendations for diabetes, gastric bariatric surgery, family nutrition, and celiac disease.

Bite It & Write It

George Cowan, Jr., MD, is a Professor of Surgery at the University of Tennessee Medical School. He has been President of the American College of Nutrition, and Director for the Masters’ Course of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery

Larry P. Credit received his Doctorate in Oriental Medicine from SAMRA University in Los Angeles, California. He is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture and holds a Master of Science in Health Management from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a Bachelor of Science in Sport, Fitness, and Leisure Studies from Salem State College in Salem, Massachusetts. He also holds a diploma in acupuncture, a license in physical therapy, and certification in personal training and aquatic therapy. He is a professor in the Exercise and Sports Science Department of Fitchburg State College, and is also the author of three books on complementary medicine. Over the past twenty years, Dr. Credit has created and developed alternative medicine, fitness, and allied health programs for hospitals, colleges, and corporations. He is an experienced spokesperson on alternative medicine and has made numerous appearances on radio and television. He is a consultant for individuals confronting health and lifestyle changes.

Your Guide to Alternative Medicine

John Croft is a marine scientist, health-product researcher, and lifelong lover of the sea. He has served as Research Director/Consultant of McFarlane Laboratories/Healtheries of New Zealand for the past thirty-one years. John is also the author of Relief From Arthritis: The Natural Way and Nutrients for Health: The New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel.

Health from the Seas

William G. Crook, MD, received his medical education at the University of Virginia, the Pennsylvania Hospital, Vanderbilt, and Johns Hopkins. He is an Emeritus Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics; the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology; and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. He is also a member of the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology. Dr. Crook is the author of over a dozen books and numerous articles in medical and lay literature. This book is one of a series that deals with the relationship of yeast to many puzzling health disorders.

The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health
The Yeast Connection Cookbook
The Yeast Connection Handbook
Tired--So Tired! and the Yeast Connection

Help for the Hyperactive Child

Elizabeth Crook is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Tennessee State University. The daughter of Dr. William G. Crook, she has spent her career helping people and organizations "take charge" and create positive futures for themselves. Currently, she works on behalf of women’s health issues as a consultant to physicians, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, and other health-care professionals.

The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health

Ed Crowell is a career journalist who has written and edited for daily newspapers in Florida and Texas for more than thirty years. A graduate of the University of Florida, he currently lives in Austin, Texas, where he is a features editor of the Austin American-Statesman.

Barefoot Pirate

Mrs. Sophie Cubbison graduated Cal Polytechnical State University in 1912. Initially, she earned enough money baking products at home to put herself through school. In 1916, she and her new husband, Harry, opened a successful bakery in Los Angeles. As their business flourished, Sophie Cubbison created new products such as melba toast, dressings, and breads. She then went on to invent the first packaged stuffing, which still bears her name. For over forty years, the author was active as a business consultant, food writer, and popular television guest. Today, her legacy continues in the form of one of America’s premier food companies, Mrs. Cubbison’s Foods, Inc.

Mrs. Cubbison’s Best Stuffing Cookbook

Brent Davis, DC, has practiced integrative holistic medicine for over twenty years and is internationally recognized for his research and education in herbal therapy. The president and founder of Phytotherapy Research Laboratories, Dr. Davis has performed extensive field research on identifying and preserving medicinal herbs in their native habitats. He has also published numerous articles on the use of herbs in holistic medical practice.

Healing Herb

Carolyn Dean, MD, received her medical degree from Dalhousie Medical School in Nova Scotia, and her degree in naturopathic medicine from the Ontario Naturopathic College. Since 1979, she has practiced integrative medicine using a variety of modalities including acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, and prescription drugs. Dr. Dean is the author of more than a dozen books on health.

The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health

Lucille Deith is a retired librarian who now pursues her love of gardening, photography, and raising butterflies. As a Christian educator, she presents biblical science lessons in Christian schools using the story of a butterfly. Mrs. Deith and her husband reside in central Florida.


Frank DeMarco has been a journalist and a newspaper editor/writer, and was cofounder and chief editor of Hampton Roads Publishing Company. He is the author of seven books, including Muddy Tracks, The Sphere and the Hologram, and Babe in the Woods (a novel). All of his published works center on his own personal experiences and his mission to help others understand their existence.

Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway
The Cosmic Internet

Bob DeMatteis is the inventor-marketer of twenty U.S. patents that have been licensed and successfully commercialized. He is the founder of the From Patent to Profit¨ and the Patents in Commerceª training series, two programs designed to assist fellow inventors. He is also a Certified Seminar Leader¨ and an advisor to several small company development organizations. Mr. DeMatteis has written several books in the area of invention, including the bestseller From Patent to Profit.

From Patent to Profit
The Patent Writer

Marie Demers, PhD, has worked as a health researcher for the past twenty-five years. An epidemiologist, she has been involved mainly in primary care research, where many health problems are clearly preventable through the adoption of healthier lifestyle habits. Her background in psychology, biology, and anthropology has taught her that environment plays a key role in developing these habits.

Walk for Your Life!

Peter Desberg, PhD, received his doctorate from the University of Southern California. He is a professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, and also a licensed clinical psychologist.For over twenty-five years, he has conducted seminars and workshops on controlling stage fright for business people, students, performers, athletes, job applicants, and others. Dr. Desberg is the author of sixteen published books and numerous articles. He and his family currently reside in the Los Angeles area.

Speaking Scared, Sounding Good

Bob Devon has had a lifelong love affair with food and wine. For more than thirty years, while serving his country--first, in the United States Navy, and then, in the Department of Defense--he managed to learn as much as he could from his ships’ cooks, and barbequed as a way to relax. Once retired, Devon followed another love by becoming the manager of a tasting room in a California winery. Throughout his varied careers, he has nurtured his passion for cooking, especially his skills on the grill. He and his wife continue to entertain and barbeque for friends and family at their home in Southern California.

The Complete Wood Pellet Barbeque Cookbook

John Diamond, MD, is a pioneering figure in the field of holistic and alternative medicine, and a past president of the International Academy of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Diamond’s remarkable body of work--a blend of over forty-five years of research and clinical practice--embraces a wide range of disciplines, including conventional and complementary medicine, psychiatry, the humanities, holism, applied kinesiology, acupuncture theory, spirituality, and the arts (especially music) to help people overcome their problems. He concentrates on the totality of the sufferer--the interrelatedness and interdependence of the inseparable triune of body, mind, and spirit. He is also the best-selling author of over twenty books.

The Diamond Color Meditation
Facets of a Diamond
The Healer
The Healing Power of Blake
Holism and Beyond
Music and Song, Mother and Love
The Veneration of Life
The Way of the Pulse

Jennifer Dirks has covered personal finance and real estate issues as a staff reporter at The Seattle Times, The Columbian (named "Best in Business" for reporting in 1999), and the Vancouver Business Journal; and as a stringer for Office.com, The Oregonian, Emerging Business magazine, and several in-flight magazines. In 2001, she won the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Oregon "Journalist of the Year" award, as well as the national "Journalist of the Year" award. Combined, these news avenues reach nearly 6 million people.

IRA Wealth

Joanne Dimaggio, MA, CHt, is an inspired teacher, a member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, and has been professionally pursuing past-life research and therapy for over 25 years. She headed her own past-life research center outside of Chicago and brought that to Virginia in 1995. Joanne earned her Masters in Transpersonal Studies degree and her Spiritual Mentor certification through Atlantic University. Her thesis, on inspirational writing, served as the basis of her first book, Soul Writing: Conversing With Your Higher Self. Joanne continues to lecture and conduct workshops on soul writing across the country, sharing her knowledge through blogs, online courses, magazine articles, and radio programs.

Your Soul Remembers

Milenka "Mina" Dobic, PhD, was born, raised, and educated in the former Yugoslavia. She became a professor of Linguistics and World Literature, and later Director of Art and Education for several major national radio stations. In former Yugoslavia, she was honored with the highest award given in journalism, The Truth, equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize.

In 1987, Mina and her family came to the United States to study macrobiotics at the Kushi Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. While there, she went on to become a teacher and counselor. In 1990, Mina moved to California, established her own macrobiotic educational center, and organized the first macrobiotic support group for cancer survivors in Hollywood. Vogue magazine called Mina Dobic "L.A.’s most expert macrobiotic health consultant." An internationally acclaimed macrobiotic counselor, Mina lectures throughout North America and Europe, inspiring others with her wisdom, love, and compassion.

My Beautiful Life

Micky Dolenz Before Micky Dolenz ever made the pop charts, he was already famous as child actor "Micky Braddock" in the late ’50s NBC-TV show "Circus Boy." Bitten by the rock ’n roll bug in his late teens, Dolenz had already played guitar in a number of bands before being chosen in 1966 to star alonside Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Mike Nesmith in a TV show called "The Monkees." Within only a few weeks, Dolenz and his bandmates quickly rocketed to worldwide fame as both TV and recording stars-their millions of fans even included The Beatles.

Following the breakup of the group in 1969, Micky continued to work as an actor, director, producer, and performer. After spending nearly a decade in London producing and directing a number of theatre and TV projects, Dolenz took part in a Monkees reunion tour in 1986. Since then, he has starred on Broadway in Elton John’s Aida; has written his autobiography and children’s books; has been a morning radio DJ for WCBS-FM in New York; and has continued to tour throughout the world (either with The Monkees or without). Micky lives with his wife, Donna, in California.

Micky Dolenz’ Rock ’n Rollin’ Trivia

Glenn Doman received his degree in physical therapy from the University of Pennsylvania in 1940. From that point on, he began pioneering the field of child brain development. In 1955, he founded The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By the early 1960s, The Institutes’ world-renowned work with brain-injured children had led to vital discoveries regarding the growth and development of well children. The author has lived with, studied, and worked with children in more than one hundred nations, ranging from the most civilized to the most primitive. Doman is also the international best-selling author of six books, all part of the Gentle Revolution Series, including How To Teach Your Baby To Read, How To Teach Your Baby Math, How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge, How To Teach Your Baby To Be Physically Superb, and How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence.

Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby!
Nose Is Not Toes

Janet Doman is the director of The Institutes and Glenn’s daughter. She grew up at The Institutes and was actively involved with helping brain-injured children by the time she was nine years old. After completing her studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Janet devoted herself to teaching "the best parents in the world," helping them to discover the vast potential of their babies and their own potential as teachers.

Enough, Inigo, Enough

Douglas Doman is Vice President of The Institutes and Glenn’s son. His early years working at The Institutes were spent creating the School for Human Development for brain-injured young adults. He worked closely with Bruce Hagy to create the world’s first Human Development Course, a circuit using physical activities that promote neurological organization and development.

Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby!
How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge
How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence
How to Teach Your Baby to Read
How to Teach Your Baby to Swim
How to Teach Your Baby Math
How Smart Is Your Baby?
What to Do About Your Brain-injured Child

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the world famous creator and author of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Having obtained a medical degree in 1881, Doyle practiced medicine for the next twenty years. Intertwined with his practice was his career as a writer--gaining him fame and fortune--and as an investigator of social injustice. In 1916, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle became intrigued with the psychic phenomena being explored in the spiritual movement of that time. For the remainder of his life, Doyle was a devout spiritualist, traveling throughout the world and lecturing to thousands of people on the topic.

The New Revelation

Ruth A. Drayer has pursued the study of numerology for over thirty years, and has taught thousands of others her intuitive method of reading numbers. Through her private practice, she counsels clients from all over the world. A highly sought-after public speaker, Ms. Drayer has served as a facilitator at conferences and workshops on this subject throughout North America. She has also appeared as a guest-expert on numerous television and radio shows. A world traveler, artist, and mother of four, Ms. Drayer makes her home in Tyler, Texas.


William Edward Burghardt DuBois was born on February 23, 1868 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He graduated in 1888 from Fisk University, a black institution in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1895, he became the first African-American to receive a PhD from Harvard University. DuBois was an early exponent of full equality for African-Americans; in 1905, he became a cofounder of the Niagara Movement, which became the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909.

From 1897 to 1910, DuBois taught economics and history at Atlanta University. In 1910, he became editor of the influential NAACP magazine, Crisis; it was a position he held until 1934. That year, he resigned over the question of voluntary segregation, which he had come to favor over integration, and returned to Atlanta University, where he taught until 1944. His concern for the liberation of blacks throughout the world led him to organize the first of several Pan-African Congresses (Paris, 1919). In 1945, at the Fifth Congress in Manchester, England, he met with African leaders Kwame Nkrumah and Jomo Kenyatta. After being disillusioned with the slow progress of civil rights in the US, DuBois became a member of the American Communist party in 1961. During the last two years of his life, he lived in Ghana. He died in 1963.

The Gift of Black Folk

Alexis Eldridge has a BA in Psychology from Hunter College, CUNY, and a Master of Science in Education from Brooklyn College, CUNY. She worked for many years as a guidance counselor for special education children in elementary schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and as a clinician in private practice. She is now an artist, an energy healer, an intuitive, and follows her chosen path in partnership and communication with the spirit realm. She lives near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Coversations with Jesus
Coversations with Jesus Book 2

Fred Engh has been involved in youth sports for over thirty years--as a coach, athletic director, and sports educator. In 1971, he became the National Director of youth sports for the Athletic Institute in Chicago. While at the Institute, he was promoted to Executive Director. In 1981, Fred founded a national program dedicated to the training and certification of volunteer coaches--a program that has now trained over one million coaches. This group has evolved into the National Alliance for Youth Sports, a nonprofit organization that works to provide safe and fun sports for America’s youth. As the president of the Alliance, Fred Engh has been a featured speaker in over 200 cities throughout the world. He has also appeared on CNN and on numerous television shows including Dateline NBC and 20/20. Currently, Fred resides in West Palm Beach, Florida, with his wife, Michaele.

Why Johnny Hates Sports

Wendy Esko has studied and taught macrobiotic cooking for over thirty years. She is the author and coauthor of a number of best-selling cookbooks, including Macrobiotic Cooking for Everyone and The Changing Seasons Macrobiotic Cookbook. She has also taught and lectured at the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts.

Introducing Macrobiotic Cooking
The Big Beautiful Brown Rice Cookbook

Carol Luers Eyman received a bachelor’s degree from Kirkland College and both a master’s degree in education and a certificate in technical communication from the University of Massachusetts. Her company, Eyman Publications, has provided newsletter consulting, editing, production, and training to corporations and nonprofit groups. Ms. Eyman has received awards for both her writing and her newsletters. She is the outreach and community services coordinator at the Nashua Public Library in New Hampshire, where she handles the library’s marketing, public relations, and publications, including online and print newsletters.

How To Publish Your Newsletter

John M. Fink had been an actor for fourteen years when he lost his young daughter to cancer. Since then, he has been deeply interested in alternative and adjunctive care. He has been active as a board member of the International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends, both nationally and in the Santa Barbara Chapter. He has also been on the Board of the National Health Federation, and has served as a member of the Advisory Panel for the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment’s (OTA) study, Unconventional Cancer Treatments. He resides in southern California with his wife.

Third Opinion

Joe Franklin began his remarkable show biz career as a New York talk-and- variety show host in 1951. His show’s format set the standard for many other shows of this type that followed. His guest list reads like a who’s who of celeb royalty: Rudy Vallee, George Jessel, Otto Preminger, Ronald Reagan, Barbra Streisand, Joan Rivers, Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Flip Wilson, Bill Cosby, the Jackson Five--and that’s just for starters. Joe holds the Guinness Book of World Records for hosting the most TV shows--31,015 in all. Although Joe’s TV show ended in 1988, currently, he can be heard nationally on Bloomberg Radio as a regular commentator. In addition, Joe Franklin’s Memory Lane theme restaurant, located in the Broadway district of Manhattan, has opened to rave reviews.

Joe Franklin’s Great Entertainment Trivia Game

Louis R. Franzini, PhD, received his PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. He is a professor of psychology at San Diego State University in California, where he has taught for over twenty-five years. For over ten years, he has focused his attention on humor research. Dr. Franzini has carefully observed stand-up comedians, has been a standup comedian, and has served as the past president of Laughmasters and Toastmasters International Club. He is the author of two books and numerous articles, and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows throughout North America.

Kids Who Laugh

Daniel L. Friedman, MD, received his BA from Stony Brook University, and his medical degree from St. George’s School of Medicine. He is currently a practicing pediatrician in Floral Park, New York, and is also an active member of the Cohen Children’s Medical Center, where he sits on the voluntary staff advisory committee. In addition to being an amateur sleuth, he spends his spare time playing guitar for the Friedman Brothers Band. Dr. Friedman resides in Long Island with his wife, Elena, and their three children, Amanda, David, and Andrew.

The Strange Case of Dr. Doyle

Eugene Friedman, MD, received his BA from New York University, and his medical degree from New York Medical College. He was Chief Resident in Pediatrics at New York Medical College and later served as Assistant Chief of Pediatrics at Martin Army Hospital at Fort Benning, Georgia. Dr. Friedman has been in private practice for more than thirty years. He has held multiple leadership positions in organized medicine and has devoted himself to the education of future physicians. He is an avid gardener and a translator of late nineteenth-century French poetry. He and his wife, Sheryl, live on Long Island and have five children and thirteen grandchildren.

The Strange Case of Dr. Doyle

Alan R. Gaby, MD, an expert in nutritional therapies, is past-President of the American Holistic Medical Association and Editor of Healthnotes newsletter.

Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness

Joeseph Gallenberger, PhD, is a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience. He is in demand internationally as a psychokinesis and manifestation workshop provider. He is a senior trainer at The Monroe Institute and created its highly successful MC2 program. He developed SyncCreation®: a Home Study Course in Manifestation and has taught over 70 Inner Vegas Adventure™ workshops. His book Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance and Health receives rave reviews. Liquid Luck is also available as a binaural beat CD. Author Residence: Asheboro, NC

Inner Vegas
Liquid Luck

Dr. Charles Gant earned his MD from the University of Virginia with postgraduate residencies in Family Practice and Psychiatry. For over fifteen years, he has pioneered the practice of orthomolecular medicine in treating patients afflicted with a wide variety of addictions. For five years, he served as medical director of Tully Hill Hospital, a rehabilitation facility in Syracuse, New York. While there, he achieved a remarkable 83-percent success rate in helping patients break their addictions to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. Dr. Gant is a highly sought after lecturer on the topic of nutritional therapy and addiction. Currently, his medical practice is located in Washington, DC.

End Your Addiction Now

Steve Garrin is an audio-visual recording professional and producer. He is the President of VideoActive Productions and founder of the highly acclaimed VoiceWorks® voiceover workshop. Among his many working credits are The Aristocrats with Paul Provenza; the PBS documentary Make 'Em Laugh; Carol Channing's autobiography, Just Lucky, I Guess; and Diana Krall & The London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. Steve lives in New York City with his wife, Debra. They have a son and a daughter.

How Dare You Say How Dare Me

Michael Gazsi, ND, is a doctor of naturopathic medicine. He graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, the oldest institution in the United States dedicated to the study and research of Naturopathic Sciences. In practice since 1993, Dr. Gazsi specializes in diagnosing and treating acute, chronic, and irresolvable health issues.

A Doctor in Your Suitcase

Andy Gibbs is the founder and CEO of PatentCafe.com, the Internet’s largest intellectual property network. During the past twenty-five years, his business experiences have ranged from being a VP of a Fortune 500 company to founding seven manufacturing and professional service companies. He is also the developer and patent-holder of nearly a dozen patents. Mr. Gibbs is the author of over 100 articles on patents and intellectual property, and the coauthor of Essentials of Patents.

The Patent Writer

Dr. Mary Lelia (Leah) Gilbert-Henderson received her PhD from the University of Tennessee in Nutrition Science. After completing her degree, she worked as a post-doctoral fellow for Michigan State University on the Nutrition Support Service Team at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan. In 1980, she took a second post-doctoral fellowship at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana. There she performed research on insulin and glucagon metabolism. After moving to Tallahassee, Florida, Leah became a full-time clinical dietitian at Tandem Health Care of Tallahassee, a subacute hospital and long-term care facility. She has taught nutrition and metabolism courses at Florida A&M University and Florida State University, and has been president of the Tallahassee Dietetic Association.

Soft Foods for Easier Eating Cookbook

Larry Glanz is a relationships expert. He has spent over twenty years studying and analyzing mating customs in the United States. Based on this work, he has developed effective relationship strategies and techniques. He is the coauthor of How to Start a Romantic Encounter.

Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy

Bonnie Glass-Coffin, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized professor of anthropology at Utah State University. She has studied with Peruvian curanderos since 1982 and is author of The Gift of Life: Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru. She began apprenticing with don Oscar in 2005, experiencing the transformative power of these wisdom teachings and integrating these deeply into her life. This deep apprenticeship has enabled her to take a leading role in presenting OMQ’s life-work to a wide audience. She currently lives in Logan, Utah.

Lessons in Courage

Dwight Goddard was a pioneer in the American Zen Buddhist movement. He was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1861. After graduating from college as an industrial engineer, he made his fortune in service to the United States Government during World War I. Greatly disillusioned by the brutality of war, Goddard became a missionary for the American Board. He was sent first to China, and later to Japan, where he lived in and studied at a Zen Buddhist monastery outside Kyoto for nearly one year. In 1924, having moved back to the States, he began writing books on Buddhism. By the time of his death in 1939, he had authored and edited nine titles, among them, The Buddhist Bible, the book credited with influencing the views of Jack Kerouac, iconic Beat Generation author.

The Buddha’s Golden Path

Jeffrey Goettemoeller is a lifelong gardener. He has been featured in Back in Thyme magazine, quoted in Organic Gardening, and a guest on more than twenty-five television and radio shows. He is an enthusiastic participant in a Stevia cultivation research project.

Recetas Dulces con Stevia
Stevia Sweet Recipes

Nikki and David Goldbeck have been writing about consumer issues, health, and nutrition since 1972. They are the best-selling authors of six books, including American Wholefoods Cuisine and Healthy Highways. Nikki Goldbeck is a practicing nutritionist and food educator who holds workshops for people with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. The Goldbecks currently live in upstate New York.

Enemy of the Steak

Linda Goldberg, RN, CCE, is a graduate of the Helene Fuld School of Nursing at West Jersey Hospital. She has taught childbirth classes since 1977 and served as Director of Instructor Training and Certification for the Childbirth Education Association (CEA) of Jacksonville, Florida. Since 1985, Linda has been teaching childbirth education for an out-of-hospital birth center in Orlando. She also teaches private classes, plus works as a staff RN at a local hospital.

Pea in a Pod

Merle Cantor Goldberg, LCSW, received a diplomate in clinical social work from the University of Maryland, and has specialized in treating eating disorders for over thirty-five years. Over this period, she has served as a training leader for the International Association of Eating Disorders. Currently the Executive Director of Associates in Psychotherapy, she has appeared on many radio and television shows and is a highly sought-after lecturer. Ms. Goldberg’s articles have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines, and she is the co-author of Weight Loss Surgery, My Thin Excuse, and The Human Circle.

My Thin Excuse
Weight Loss Surgery

Dennis Goodman, MD, graduated cum laude from the University of Cape Town Medical School in Cape Town, South Africa. He completed his internal medicine residency and was Chief Medical Resident at Montefiore Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and completed his cardiology fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Dr. Goodman is board certified in internal medicine, cardiology, interventional cardiology, critical care, clinical lipidology, integrative medicine, and cardiac CT imaging. In 1988, Dr. Goodman joined Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California, where he served as Chief of Cardiology and Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation. Dr. Goodman is currently a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at New York University, and the Director of Integrative Medicine at New York Medical Associates in Manhattan. His areas of special interest include women’s health and the prevention, early detection, and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Magnificent Magnesium
The Thrill of Krill

James J. Gormley, is an award-winning editor and journalist with over twenty years of experience in the areas of nutrition and health. His landmark articles have appeared in both national consumer magazines and medical journals, focusing attention on issues such as the National School Lunch Program, food irradiation, right-to-know GMO labeling, biodiversity, and sustainable agriculture. Mr. Gormley is also the best-selling author of DHA: A Good Fat.

Health at Gunpoint

Sylvia Goldfarb, PhD, a writer specializing in medical topics, has written articles for numerous magazines, including Focus, Natural Body and Fitness, and Today’s O.R. Nurse. She is also the author of two books, including Allergy Relief.

Relieving Pain Naturally

James P. Gray received his undergraduate degree from UCLA in 1966, and his law degree from USC in 1971. Between college and law school he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica. After graduation, Judge Gray was a staff judge advocate and criminal defense attorney in the US Navy JAG Corps. Later experience included several years as a federal prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, and private practice in civil litigation. The author has been a trial court judge in Orange County, California, since 1983, and has received numerous awards for his legal and civic activities.

Wearing the Robe

Gabriel Grayson can hear, but he was born to parents who were both totally deaf, and his first means of trained communication was sign language. The inspirational story of his childhood was first the subject of a published article, and then the basis for a moving ABC made-for-television movie. Professor Grayson is the chairperson of the Department of Sign Language at New School University in New York City. In addition, he is a principal court-appointed sign language interpreter for the NYC judicial system. As such, he has been involved in over 1,000 criminal cases as an advocate and interpreter. Gabriel Grayson also conducts sign language tours at the American Museum of Natural History.

Talking With Your Hands, Listening With Your Eyes
How to Read a Person Like a Book

General Thomas E. Griess (USA Ret.) began his military career in 1943, serving in the Pacific during World War II, and saw further action in the Korean War. He received his master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Illinois, and his PhD in history from Duke University. General Griess joined the faculty of the U.S.M.A. at West Point in 1956, and from 1969 to his retirement in 1981, served as the first head of the Department of History.

The American Civil War Text & Atlas
The Great War
The Wars of Napoleon
World War II: Asia and the Pacific
World War II: Europe and the Mediterranean

Robert M. Grippo grew up on Long Island, New York, and spent twenty years in the credit card industry. His earliest childhood memories include watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and enjoying the classic film Miracle on 34th Street. This led to a lifelong avocation as a Macy’s historian, and even to a brief stint as a Macy’s balloonist. Now retired, Robert is a full-time writer whose works include Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Alex Guerrero received his degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from SAMRA University in Los Angeles, California. After working in China, the doctor opened a successful practice, which centers on sports injury, rehabilitation, performance enhancement, muscle testing, and balancing. A partial list of his clients include Ty Law, Karim Abdul Jabbar, Steve Young, and Kenny Norton, Jr. He is also a consultant for numerous collegiate teams, including USC, USLA, Stanford University, and Washington University. In addition, Dr. Guerrero is a highly popular speaker and a frequent guest on numerous television and radio shows.

In Balance for Life

Bruce Hagy is the former director of The Institutes for the Achievement of Physical Excellence. He joined The Institutes’ staff in 1974 and his background in health and physical education quickly led him to become involved with the physical challenges posed by both well and hurt children.

Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby!
How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence

Georges M. Halpern, MD, PhD, attended medical school at the University of Paris, France. He subsequently received a PhD from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Paris XI--Chatenay Malabry. A Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology, Dr. Halpern is board certified in internal medicine and allergy, and is Professor Emeritus of Medicine at the University of California--Davis. He is also a Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The author resides in Portola Valley, California.

The Inflammation Revolution
Ulcer Free
Healing Mushrooms
The Yin and Yang of Cancer

Mark Hanna, upon meeting Michio Kushi and Herman and Cornelia Aihara in 1977, was inspired to begin his education in macrobiotics. He started his studies at the Kushi Institute in Boston, Massachussets in 1978. Over the next twenty years, he traveled to study houses, summer conferences, and seminars throughout North America. Through his travels, he began cooking at macrobiotic centers, yoga retreats, Buddhist retreats, natural food cafŽs, and restaurants. He developed a creative approach to the normally austere macrobiotic cuisine. As his reputation grew as an events chef, he was hired to do several large-scale meetings in Europe. Since then he has traveled extensively throughout the world cooking for both small and large formal affairs. In addition to his love of cooking, he has also pursued his passion for painting.

Greens & Grains on the Deep Blue Sea Cookbook

Edwin Haronian, MD, received his medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine. He then served his residency at the State of New York Sciences Center in Brooklyn, New York, one of the nation’s busiest trauma centers. While there, Dr. Haronian participated in groundbreaking research that helped introduce new techniques for placing spinal implants. He was later selected as a fellow in spinal surgery at the internationally renowned Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Inglewood, California. While serving his fellowship, he was involved in determining the most innovative and advanced options to treat spinal conditions and disorders. Today, Dr. Haronian heads one of the fast-growing orthopedic practices in the Los Angeles area, with offices in Encino, Pomona, and Sherman Oaks.

Back Surgery: Is it Right for You?

James A. Harris, MD, is a facial plastic surgeon in Denver whose practice is limited exclusively to follicular unit hair transplantation. Dr. Harris graduated from University of Colorado School of Medicine in 1989 and completed his residency in Otolaryngology / Head and Neck surgery in 1994. He is currently Clinical Instructor of Hair Transplantation at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Department of Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery, in Denver. Dr. Harris is a Diplomate of the American Board of Otolaryngology, the American Academy of Otolaryngology, and is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

The Hair Replacement Revolution

Sharon G. Hartunian received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, and her Master of Science in Social Work from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and a certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. Ms. Hartunian has over twenty years of clinical, supervisory, and teaching experience in social work and substance abuse.

Your Guide to Alternative Medicine

Breck Hawk has over 30 years experience as a midwife, doula, prenatal instructor, and Registered Nurse specializing in Maternity and Neonatal Intensive Care. In Canada she assisted in over 250 homebirths as a direct entry midwife, founded the Alberta chapter of the Association for Childbirth at Home International (ACHI), and served as President and prenatal instructor. She lectured, organized community fundraisers and lobbied the local governments to relax homebirthing laws. In the United States Breck worked for ten years as an RN at Sacred Heart Community Hospital in Eugene, Oregon. She nursed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Level III) where she cared for premature babies for five years. And later in San Francisco she established her own successful doula practice. Breck is currently a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse in San Diego, California.

Hey! Who’s Having This Baby Anyway?

Amy Lee Hawkins, Pharm D, received her degree from the top-ranking pharmacy school at The University of California, San Francisco. She has completed extensive training and continuing education in compounding pharmaceuticals and specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, pain management, dermatology, and nutrition consultations. Dr. Hawkins is founder of Hormones in Harmony, is a board-certified pharmacist in California and Nevada, and is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As a bioidentical hormone therapy specialist, she provides consultations and seminars aimed at promoting longevity for both women and men.

What You Must Know About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

Sharon Hazard is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey. As a journalist, she ha served as reporter and editor. Her feature stories have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. Ms. Hazard is also the photo editor for three books on New Jersey history.

An Inspirational Tour of Catholic New York City

Ursula Hermacinski was named "goddess of the gavel" by Food & Wine Magazine when she captured its prestigious Golden Grape Award for "perfecting the art of auctioneering." Her career began in 1984 at Christie’s in New York. In 1992, Ms. Hermacinski became the first woman auctioneer at the world-famous Napa Valley Wine Auction, and has since headed many charity auctions across the country. Ms. Hermacinski established Christie’s New York wine department along with the fine wine retailer Zachys in 1994. She went out on her own in 1998 and began pioneering interest in online wine auctions. Currently, Ms. Hermacinski takes the rostrum at numerous national and international wine auctions. She is a highly sought-after lecturer. Ms. Hermacinski has been profiled on CNN’s Marketplace and is a frequent guest on radio shows dealing with wine and its investment potential. The author currently lives and plays in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The Wine Lover’s Guide to Auctions

Eva Herr is one of the world’s luminaries on the topics of alternative medicine and the science of consciousness. She stands out with her no-nonsense, factual interviews and her deep understanding of what she is discussing . She became a popular talk show hostess on BBS Radio’s Infinite Consciousness, which gave her the opportunity to engage the minds of today’s top thinkers in the fields of alternative medicine, science, consciousness, and our human experience. She is the author of Agape, The Intent of the Soul.


Rich Herschlag is professional writer whose published works include Before the Glory (HCI); Jack of All Trades (Northwest); Lay Low and Don’t Make the Big Mistake (Simon & Schuster); The Interceptor (Ballantine); and Women Are From Manhattan, Men Are From Brooklyn (Black Maverick). Along with Bill Staples, Herschlag writes a weekly sports column for The Trentonian and other daily newspapers. He also writes a humor column that appears in alternative weeklies such as New York's Westsider and Our Town, as well as Buffalo's The Beast. Herschlag lives in Easton, Pennsylvania, with Susan, his wife, and their two daughters.

How Dare You Say How Dare Me

Barbara Albers Hill received a B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Education from Hofstra University. She is a resource teacher in grades one through six who writes about topics of interest to parents. A contributor to such magazines as ParentLife, American Baby, and CollegeBound, she is also the author and coauthor of Baby Tactics and Coping with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. She lives on Long Island.

How to Maximize Your Child’s Learning Ability
Breaking Through

Mae-Wan Ho, PhD, is co-founder and director of the Institute of Science in Society, editor of the magazine Science in Society, Science Advisor to the Third World Network, and on the Roster of Experts for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. Her career spans more than thirty years of research and teaching in biochemistry, evolution, molecular genetics, and biophysics. She has also written more than 200 works, including ten books.

GMO Free
Unraveling AIDS

Robert C. Hoffman is a professional antiques dealer specializing in vintage posters. For over thirty-five years, he has amassed fascinating images of Santa Claus. Numerous pieces from his beautiful collection have appeared on television and been featured in antique expositions and exhibits throughout the northeast region. Mr. Hoffman frequently lectures on the topic of Santa. He and his wife reside in the Albany area of New York.

Postcards from Santa Claus

Ernest S. Holmes was born in 1887 on a farm near Lincoln, Maine. In 1919, Holmes published his first book, Creative Mind. In 1926, he published his seminal work, The Science of Mind. In the following year, he founded the Institute of Religious Science and School of Philosophy and its monthly magazine Science of Mind. As his lecture series continued to grow in popularity and his ideas took root, more and more Religious Science ministries were established throughout the country. In 1953, the Institute was renamed the Church of Religious Science and Philosophy--later to become the United Church of Religious Science, with member churches throughout the world.

Creative Mind

Hans Holzer, PhD, is a world-renowned parapsychologist and the author of over 119 books. Dr. Holzer studied at Columbia University and the University of Vienna, and received his doctorate from the London College of Applied Science. He taught parapsychology for eight years at the New York Institute of Technology, and has headed the Center for Paranormal Studies, Inc. Dr. Holzer has been a writer/producer of televisionand film documentaries, and is a highly sought-after lecturer. He is a long-time resident of New York City.


Bernice Hunt, MS, starting as a writing major at the University of Wisconsin, went on to publish more than 70 books and numerous magazine articles. In mid-life she became an editor, then earned a dual master’s degree in mental health counseling and gerontology at Long Island University. When she and her husband, writer Morton Hunt, began to think about retiring to a continuing care community, they naturally looked to books for the information they needed. To their surprise, there were none. They proceeded by trial and error, learning as they went. This book is a detailed step-by-step guide for the about-to-be-retired, filled with information unavailable elsewhere.

Where Should I Live When I Retire?
Great Natural Breads Made Easy

Jeff Ianniello earned his MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University and a BS in finance from The College of New Jersey. The author is an accountant, a web developer, and the author of seven books, including the science fiction work Alien Cradle, the Delver Magic Book series of three fantasy novels, and Soul View, a spiritual thriller. Currently, he lives in New Jersey.

When Do I See God?

Helen Irlen is an internationally recognized educator, researcher, therapist, scholar, and expert in the area of visual perceptual problems. She is a graduate of Cornell University. Ms. Irlen has been in the field of education for the past thirty years. Her background includes fifteen years as a school psychologist and thirty years as a child and family therapist. She has been an educational therapist, founder and Director of the Adult Learning Disabilities Program, assistant professor of Adult Learning Disabilities at California State University/Long Beach, instructor in psychology at Cornell University, and research assistant at Cornell.

While working with adults with learning disabilities, Helen Irlen made a startling discovery that resulted in a marked improvement in her students’ reading ability. For the next five years, Ms. Irlen refined her discovery, developed diagnostic testing instruments, and patented a set of colored filters. Today, there are over 80 affiliated Irlen Clinics worldwide, and over 7,000 educators have been trained in the Irlen Method.

The Irlen Method has been the subject of segments on 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, The Home Show, 60 Minutes Australia, ABC Worldwide News with Peter Jennings, NBC News, a BBC special, and numerous TV shows around the world. Irlen is also the best-selling author of Reading by the Colors.

The Irlen Revolution

Paul G. Irwin is the president and chief executive officer of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The author also serves as president of the World Society for the Protection of Animals headquartered in London, England, EarthVoice, the Center for Respect of Life and the Environment, the International Center for Earth Concerns, and Humane Society International.

Losing Paradise

Richard Isaacson, MD, is the founder and director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, where he is also an Associate Professor of Neurology and director of the Neurology Residency Training Program. Dr. Isaacson completed his residency in neurology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School and did his medical internship at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, where he later became the associate medical director of the Wien Center for Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention & Treatment Diet

Josef Issels, MD, studied in Freiburg, Bonn, Munich, Vienna, Dusseldorf, and Wurzburg. In 1951, he established the first European hospital for "incurable" cancer patients. Biographer Gordon Thomas captured the mythic proportion of his life and medicine in Issels: The Biography of a Doctor. Dr. Issels lived from 1907 to 1998. His work is continued by the Issels Foundation, which is headed by his wife and forty-year collaborator, Ilse Marie Issels.

Cancer: A Second Opinion

Alex Jack has written several books with Michio Kushi, including The Cancer Prevention Diet, Diet for a Strong Heart, Amber Waves of Grain, and One Peaceful World. A former editorin- chief of East West Journal, he travels and teaches in the United States and abroad.

The Book of Macrobiotics

Barbara and Leonard Jacobs have studied culinary arts for over two decades, with an emphasis on natural vegetarian-based meals. They have managed restaurants, studied cooking with master chefs, and taught cooking to hundreds of students. Barbara Jacobs is involved in fine arts and design, and since 1983 has worked as an architectural color consultant in her own company. Leonard Jacobs is now the audio publisher of Shambhala Publications.

Cooking With Seitan

G.N. Jacobs is a filmmaker, with features, shorts, and documentaries to his credit. He is also a general reporter; the author of a novel, Blood & Ink; and the author of a collection of short stories. Jacobs lives in Los Angeles, California, and is currently mining subject material for his next book.

Suicide by Sugar
Killer Colas

Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD, earned his doctorate in osteopathy from the University of Health Sciences in Kansas City, and went on to obtain both a medical degree and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine. He was featured in the international bestseller The Secret.

Healing Waters

David E. Jones received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina, and his master’s and doctorate in anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. As a field anthropologist, Dr. Jones has spent decades studying the folklore of native people throughout the world. Currently, he is a full professor of anthropology at the University of Central Florida. In addition, he is the author of seven books, including Women Warriors, An Instinct for Dragons, and Visions of Time. Dr. Jones and his family reside in the Orlando, Florida area.

Evil in Our Midst

Marjorie Hurt Jones received her BS in biology from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois, and her nursing education at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. She is a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the International Association of Preventive Medicine, the Nutrition for Optimal Health Association, and the Human Ecology Action League. Because of her own sensitivities to wheat and other grains, Marjorie conducted original research on the subject, and helped develop effective allergy-restricted diets.

The Yeast Connection Cookbook

Brian Jud is president of Book Marketing Works, a marketing consultancy firm. Established in 1996, the company’s goal is to help independent publishers market their titles more effectively. Brian is an award-winning author, whose titles have included the best-selling Job Search 101. In addition to hosting the television series The Book Authority, he has appeared as a guest on numerous television and radio talk shows and speaks regularly on marketing topics at seminars and workshops throughout North America. Currently, Brian and his family reside in central Connecticut.

How to Make Real Money Selling Books

Conrad Kail, N.D., has a BS in Medicine and a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. He is co-owner of Neuropathic Family Care, Inc., a practice that integrates conventional and alternative medical services. He is also co-founder of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, and a member of the advisory council to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes for Health.

Allergy Free

Dwight K. Kalita, PhD, is the co-author of Brain Allergies, Victory Over Diabetes, and Nourishing Your Child, and the author of Light Consciousness. He is also the co-editor of A Physician's Handbook on Orthomolecular Medicine.

Magnet Therapy

Mandip S. Kang, MD, FASN, received his fellowship in nephrology from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina. In addition to being board certified in both Internal Medicine and Nephrology, he has taught at medical schools since 1996. Currently, Dr. Kang is a Managing Partner at the Southwest Kidney Institute located in Glendale, Arizona. He was selected as the Top Doc in his specialty by Phoenix Magazine.

The Doctor’s Kidney Diets

Lawrence J. Kaplan received his MA and PhD from Columbia University in New York City, and is Professor Emeritus of Economics at John Jay College of Criminal Justice CUNY. An authority in the field of financial management, Dr. Kaplan writes and lectures extensively on the subject of retirement planning.

Retiring Right

Shirley Kawa-Jump received a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Massachusetts, graduating with honors. She wrote her first published article at age eleven, and was hired as a freelance reporter for a weekly newspaper at the age of twelve. Since then, she has gone on to pursue a highly successful career as a freelance writer. During her twenty-plus-year career, Ms. Jump has had over 2,500 articles published, with many of her stories appearing in nationally recognized magazines and newspapers. In addition to being the author of two published books, she is a highly sought after speaker.

How to Publish Your Articles

Meera Patricia Kerr has been a yoga instructor for over thirty years. She started her study of yoga in the early 1970s under Sri Swami Satchidananda. After giving birth to her two children, Meera realized there was a need for adapting traditional yoga poses for the more curvaceous body. From this, she developed the Big Yoga program. Currently, Meera resides near the beautiful western shores of Michigan, where she continues to teach.

Big Yoga
Big Yoga for Less Stress

Rashmi Khilnani was born in the designer city Chandigarh, India, and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo, Egypt. Having lived and established a global business network, she went on to study and teach with world-renowned avatars, gurus, and teachers and become a specialist in energy medicine. She is on the forefront of bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet, China, and the Essenes into current time and making these teachings simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists, and people from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader, and TV personality.

The Buddha Speaks
The Divine Mother Speaks
Shiva Speaks

Jay and Linda Kordich
Jay Kordich is famous for sharing the juicing lifestyle on television for over fifteen years. After a diagnosis of cancer in 1948, Jay began a lifelong study of living foods and juicing that would transform his health. He is the author of The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing, a number-one New York Times bestseller. Jay and his wife, Linda, have appeared on many national TV and radio shows, and today can be seen on their own television show. Linda Kordich has been teaching weekly vegetarian food and juicing classes for over thirty years. She worked with Jay on The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing, and in 2006, she helped write and produce the highly successful multimedia program entitled “Live Foods, Live Bodies.” In 2012, Linda and Jay created their School of Juicing Online Program to educate others about the importance of juicing and a predominately living foods diet. Linda and Jay have two grown children, who are happy, vibrant vegans and juicing advocates.

Live Foods, Live Bodies!

Patrick Korten is Vice President of Communications for the Knights of Columbus. A former chief spokesman for the US Department of Justice, Korten was also a press staffer for three members of Congress, and worked as a consultant in crisis and risk communications for a number of Fortune 500 companies.

The Knights of Columbus

Jayson Kroner is a certified sports nutritionist, health and fitness journalist, and online columnist whose work has appeared in a number of national forums. He resides in Oak Park, Illinois.

7-Syndrome Healing

James D. Krystosik has been a practicing chiropractic physician for over twenty years. In his pursuit of effective noninvasive treatments for his patients, he has extensively studied natural medicine. Dr. Krystosik is the author of two books and numerous health-related articles. In addition, he is the weekly host of the popular radio show The Other Side of Medicine. Dr. Krystosik is the director of The Country Doctor’s Clinic located in Solon, Ohio.

Carbs from Heaven, Carbs from Hell

Michio Kushi came to the United States shortly after World War II upon completing studies at Tokyo University. Since then, he has lectured on macrobiotics; the meeting of East and West; traditional Oriental medicine, philosophy, and culture; and the realization of world peace and planetary harmony. Mr. Kushi is the founder and president of the East West Foundation, Kushi Institute, Kushi Foundation, and Macrobiotics International. He is the bestselling author of numerous books, including Your Body Never Lies, The Cancer Prevention Diet, and The Macrobiotic Way. As the leading voice in macrobiotics, Mr. Kushi continues to speak throughout the world on this topic. He currently resides in Brookline, Massachusetts.

The Book of Macrobiotics
The Do-In Way
Macrobiotic Home Remedies
Your Body Never Lies

Aveline Kushi is an icon in the area of macrobiotic cooking. She began her study of macrobiotics in 1950 under the guidance of George Ohsawa, the founder of modern-day macrobiotics. Aveline and her husband, Michio Kushi, established a variety of successful macrobiotic enterprises and educational ventures. She is the author of How to Cook With Miso and the author/illustrator of the children’s book Lessons of Night and Day.

Introducing Macrobiotic Cooking

Gabriele Kushi is a certified macrobiotic health educator, counselor, and cooking teacher. For more than thirty years, she has helped people from all over the world and all walks of life become healthier and more self-reliant by choosing natural foods and sustainable lifestyles. She has published numerous articles on healing with natural foods, and has spoken about macrobiotics on radio talk shows. She is a member of the Macrobiotic Educators Association and serves on the advisory board of Earth Save International. Gabriele also holds a BFA in photography, and her fine art has been exhibited in Minnesota. She teaches in Germany and the United States.

Embracing Menopause Naturally

Stewart F. Lane is a five-time Tony Award-winning Broadway producer for War Horse, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Two and Only, The Will Rogers Follies, and La Cage Aux Folles. He has also produced in Dublin and London, where his shows have been nominated for an Olivier. With a BFA from Boston University, Mr. Lane has acted, published two plays, and directed across the country, working with actors like Stephen Baldwin, Shannon Doherty, and Chazz Palminteri. He is co-owner of the Palace Theatre on Broadway and 47th Street, and, with partner Robert De Niro, he owns the Tribeca Grill. Mr. Lane has served on the Board of Directors of the NY State Theater at Lincoln Center and the Transitional Committee, where he appointed both the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs and the Commissioner of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting. He currently sits on the Board of Trustees of The Actors Fund of America. Lane is the author of the critically acclaimed books Let's Put on a Show! and Jews on Broadway, and is a highly sought-after speaker. He lives in Manhattan with his family. Visit him at www.mrbroadway.com.

Black Broadway

George J. Lankevich received his PhD in American History from Columbia University. He taught for over thirty years in the City University of New York, and is now a professor emeritus. Dr. Lankevich is the author of over twenty volumes of history, including American Metropolis: A History of New York City.

Postcards from Times Square
Postcards from Manhattan
Wit and Wisdom of the Talmud
An Inspirational Tour of Catholic New York City

Lisette Larkins has worked as a sales director in publishing and a spiritual guide. In 2007, she took a job as the caregiver of a late-stage Alzheimer’s patient, an experience that pushed her into a permanent state of “presence” and revealed the possibility of living in a “chronic state of well-being.” Larkins, who has had extraordinary paranormal experiences since childhood, is the author of three books.

Difficult People
Above and Beyond

Lisette Larkins has worked as a sales director in publishing and a spiritual guide. In 2007, she took a job as the caregiver of a late-stage Alzheimer’s patient, an experience that pushed her into a permanent state of “presence” and revealed the possibility of living in a “chronic state of well-being.” Larkins, who has had extraordinary paranormal experiences since childhood, is the author of three books.

Difficult People
Talking to Extraterrestrials
Above and Beyond

James B. LaValle, RPh, CCN, ND has been involved in natural medicine for over twenty years. Known as "America’s Pharmacist," he is a nationally recognized figure in the field of natural therapeutics. Dr. LaValle’s experience ranges from extensive clinical practice, product design and formulation, and technology development, to author, educator, and media personality. He maintains a clinical practice at Pro Scan International.

Your Blood Never Lies
Green Immunity Boosters

Bobbi Lawrence is a freelance writer based in Larkspur, California.

Allergy Free

Lita Lee, PhD has over thirty years of experience in chemical and medical research, and has been an enzyme therapist since 1987. An abiding interest in health and healing led her from the chemistry lab to the medical lab, and finally to clinical practice. Dr. Lee uses her strong scientific background to inform her work as an enzyme therapist. She has also undertaken the mission of informing the public on the dangers of toxins and radiation.

The Enzyme Cure

Nigey Lennon is a professional writer and musician. Her work has appeared in many prominent publications, including the Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, and Playboy magazine. Ms. Lennon is the author of seven books, and has served as a curriculum advisor and guest lecturer at several universities. Currently, she resides on Long Island, New York.

Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies

Dr. Greg Lewis earned his PhD in English from Kent State University. He has been a faculty member of Kent State and St. Bonaventure University, and has worked as a professional freelance writer for over twenty years.

End Your Addiction Now

Shari Lieberman, PhD, CNS, FACN, earned her doctorate in Clinical Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, and her master’s degree in Nutrition, Food Science and Dietetics from New York University. A Certified Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Lieberman is the author of four books, including the best-selling Mineral Miracle and The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book.

Glycemic Index Food Guide
Mineral Miracle

Bernice Lifton is a professional writer-editor-researcher. She is a graduate of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. As a journalist, her articles have appeared in numerous national magazines, including Parents and This Week. As an editor, she has developed, rewritten, and edited several dozen college textbooks. For the last fifteen years, Ms. Lifton has studied and researched environmentally safe and effective methods of pest control. She and her husband currently live in Pasadena, California.

Bug Busters

D.S. Lliteras is the author of ten books that have received national acclaim. He has served with the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the Norfolk Fire Department. He has a BA and MFA from Florida State University and is a member of the IAFF.

Flames and Smoke Visible
Viet Man

Susan Logan is the editor of Cat Fancy magazine, the premier publication in its field. She is a regular speaker at the Cat Writers’ Association and was awarded the Muse Medallion, the association’s highest honor, in 2006 and 2007 for her insightful series of editorials. Susan is the proud parent of Maine Coon mixes Madison and Sophie.

Cat Calls

Linwood Lothrop earned a degree in microbiology from the University of Central Oklahoma. He served as the laboratory director of Philpott Medical Center, Inc., where he developed testing and evaluation of magnetic materials as needed to further Dr. Philpott’s research. Currently, he is the president of Lothrop Technologies, Inc., in Choctaw, Oklahoma.

Magnet Therapy

Kazimierz Jan Majdansk was born in 1916 in Poland. As a young seminarian, the author was among thousands of Polish clergy imprisoned by the Nazis. After his release in 1945, Majda´nsk was ordained as a priest and dedicated himself to the "civilization of life." In 1975, with help from his good friend Pope John Paul II, then Archbishop Wojtyla, he established the Warsaw-based Institute for Studies on the Family. Majdansk was appointed Archbishop in 1992.

You Shall Be My Witness

Danine Manette received a bachelor’s degree in Social Welfare from the University of California at Berkeley, and went on to earn her doctorate from Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, California. She has been a therapist and a juvenile probation officer, and currently works in the specialized field of criminal investigations. A married mother of two, Manette now lives in California.

Ultimate Betrayal

William Y. Marcus, MD, is a retired Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at George Washington University Medical School. Dr. Marcus has over four decades of surgical experience, including twenty years specializing in bariatric surgery. He is founder and leader of a large, self-help obesity surgery-support group, serving hundreds of pre-op and post-op patients throughout the greater Washington, DC area.

Weight Loss Surgery

Dawn Marie is a naturalist who grew up in Chicago, but later moved to the High Mountain Desert of southwestern Oregon, and now resides in the mild rainforest climate of the Pacific Northwest. Wherever the author has lived, she has sought out forest preserves and parks. There, she has foraged for wild plants that she uses to make a variety of foods and beverages, including pure wild wines.

Wild Wines

Emanuel Marritt, MD, received his medical degree from New York University. He is board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, and is a fellow of both the American and International Societies of Dermatologic Surgery. For over twenty-five years, he has specialized in the field of hair transplantation, working both in medical clinics and as an instructor in medical schools. As an internationally recognized authority in the field, he has lectured to thousands of doctors around the country and around the world. Currently, Dr. Marritt is an associate clinical professor at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. In his capacity as a public advocate, he has appeared on such shows as the Today Show, Dateline NBC, and CBS This Morning.

The Hair Replacement Revolution

Gina M. Maisano--two-time breast cancer survivor--is the founder of the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women with breast cancer (www.nosurrenderbreastcancerhelp.org). She is also a writer, whose articles on breast cancer issues have appeared in numerous magazines and journals. Gina lectures frequently on her personal journey with the disease. Currently, she resides on Long Island, New York.

Intimacy After Breast Cancer

Lisa Mann is a seasoned raw food chef and educator with experience in recipe development. She teaches raw food preparation courses, as well as ongoing yoga, exercise, and well-being courses. Lisa has extensively traveled and researched food throughout Italy, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America, and is a classically trained French chef. She is also the creator of Everyday Raw Gourmet, an organization geared toward bringing the benefits of raw food to people through classes and retreats.

The World Goes Raw Cookbook

Mary Elizabeth Marlow is an international speaker and seminar leader, transpersonal teacher, storyteller, and intuitive counselor. She is author of Handbook for the Emerging Woman and co-author with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) of Being and Vibration. Her books have been translated into eight languages. Mary Elizabeth is known for her intuitive ability to go straight to the heart of an issue. With the creative use of dreams, spontaneous drawings and 190 Jumping Mouse inner processes, she helps others decode the mysteries in identifying soul patterns (core patterns which repeat) and encouraging others to embrace their soul calling (their unique talents, gifts, and attributes). She serves as guide to many on their spiritual journey and empowers others with a new sense of their authentic selves.

Jumping Mouse

Roger Mason is an internationally known research chemist who studies natural health and life extension. He develops unique natural supplements and products. Mr. Mason has written several bestselling titles including Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs and The Natural Diabetes Cure. A frequent guest speaker on radio stations across the country, he advocates natural alternatives to drug therapies. Mr. Mason lives with his wife and dog in Wilmington, North Carolina, where they produce Young Again Products, Inc. You can find out more about Mr. Mason and his books by visiting his website at www.youngagain.org.

Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs
Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs
The Natural Diabetes Cure
Natural Health for Women
The Natural Prostate Cure
Testosterone Is Your Friend
Macrobiotics for Everyone

Andrea McKeown

How to Publish Your Novel

Thomas McKnight is a relationship expert. His columns on meeting the right person have appeared in leading U.S. singles newspapers and magazines over the past fifteen years. He has conducted dozens of relationship workshops throughout the country, and has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows, including Oprah. Robert H. Phillips is a practicing psychologist and the director of the Chronic Conditions Center located in Westbury, New York. He is also the best-selling author of eight books dealing with various chronic health conditions, including Coping With Lupus and Coping With Osteoarthritis.

Love Tactics

Mike McLean has been a landlord for over fifteen years with a focus on purchasing single-family homes and renting them to low-income tenants. A highly sought-after speaker, Mike is a regular guest lecturer at many Landlord Association meetings and shows.

Fifty Money-Saving Tips for Every Landlord

Lynn McTaggart, an award-winning investigative journalist, is the creator and publisher of the popular and informative UK newsletter What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY). Like the WDDTY newsletter, The Cancer Handbook advises readers of what doctors themselves are reading in medical journals, and offers alternatives that mainstream medicine has not yet considered.

The Cancer Handbook

Alex Meilichson was born in Venezuela, but later emigrated to Israel with his family. There, he studied sociology and political science at Tel Aviv University. He also studied art and art history at the University of Berlin; in Caracas, Venezuela; and at the Art Students League in New York. The artist says that he has been deeply influenced by both Marc Chagall and Manne Katz.

Bubbie and Zadie Come to My House

Frances Meiser is an educator, author, and pioneer in bringing new information on brain function and its neuroplasticity to the educational arena and an aging population. At age fifty, she was labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder, and now she shares with her audience the methods she has learned to both deal with this “diagnosis” and to overcome it. Ms. Meiser earned her Masters of Education degree from Concordia University in Austin, Texas. Today, she is a frequent lecturer on brain health for both children and adults.

Overcoming Senior Moments
The Smart Brain Train

Father Livio Melina, is the Director and Professor of Fundamental Moral Theology at the Pontifical Institute John Paul II for Marital and Family Studies. He is also the Scientific Director of Anthropotes Magazine and the author of a number of books, including Per una Cultura della Famiglia: Il Linguaggio dell'Amore (For the Culture of the Family: The Language of Love).

Oil On the Wounds

Lisa Messinger received her degree in journalism from the University of Southern California. Beginning as a health/nutrition/food reporter, Lisa wrote for a number of prominent news groups, including the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. Today, Lisa is a nationally syndicated columnist and journalist whose columns are distributed through Copley News Service to over 700 newspapers throughout North America. A recipient of several national writing awards, Lisa is also the best-selling author of seven health, nutrition, and food books. As a popular speaker, Lisa lectures on eating disorders around the country and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs.

My Thin Excuse
The Sourdough Bread Bowl Cookbook

Dr. Jean Meyer is a Mexican historian. Dr. Meyer obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France. He has taught at the Sorbonne, the University of Perpignan, the University of Paris, the Colegio de México, and the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas. He has performed extensive research on the Cristero War, and has written books on the subject for Cambridge and the Universidad de Guadalajara. The author also founded the Institute of Mexican Studies at Perpignan University.

La Cristiada

Earl Mickel has been a driving force behind the rise of custom turkey callmaking as an important art form. According to the National Wild Turkey Federation, “As the popularity of turkey hunting increased, so did the interest in collecting calls, and Earl was right there, speaking and writing about it so that future generations will know . . . those who contributed.” Mickel also wrote Callmakers Past and Present and Turkey Callmakers Past and Present: The Rest of the Best.

Longbeards, Callmakers and Memories

Earl Mindell, RPh, MH, PhD, is a registered pharmacist and college educator. He is also an award-winning author of over twenty best-selling books, including Earl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible. Dr. Mindell was inducted into the California Pharmacists Association’s Hall of Fame in 2007, and was awarded the President's Citation for Exemplary Service from Bastyr University in 2012. He is on the Board of Directors of the California College of Natural Medicine and serves on the Dean's Professional Advisory Group, School of Pharmacy, Chapman University

The Happiness Effect

Christopher Ochner, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Drexel University and went on to join the faculty at Columbia University, where he became the youngest member to run an independent research laboratory. Dr. Ochner has devoted his career to studying the relationship between food intake and the brain, receiving several awards from the National Institutes of Health to support his research.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention & Treatment Diet

don Oscar Miro-Quesada originated the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of cross-cultural shamanism, and is the visionary founder of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH) Foundation. He is a respected kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq adept from Peru and has been guiding cross-cultural ethno-spiritual apprenticeship expeditions to sacred sites of the world since 1986, with special emphasis on Peru and Bolivia. He has been a popular faculty member at numerous U.S. educational centers. His work and programs have been featured on CNN, Univision, A&E, and the Discovery Channel.

Lessons in Courage

James A. Misko has been a highly successful real estate professional for over three decades. He is a Certified Commercial Investment member of the National Association of Realtors and has served as an instructor for this organization. As a sought-after lecturer, he speaks at local, state, and national real estate conventions. He is also a published author, an outdoorsman, and one of the most creative investment and exchange brokers in the nation. The author splits his time between Anchorage, Alaska, and Palm Springs, California.

How to Finance Any Real Estate, Any Place, Any Time

Tom Monte has written more than 30 books and many hundreds of articles for such magazines and newspapers as Life, Saturday Evening Post, Natural Health, and the Chicago Tribune. Among his many works are The Way of Hope, about the AIDS crisis in New York City. Tom is also the co-author with Dr. Anthony Sattilaro of the best-selling books Recalled By Life (Houghton Mifflin, 1982) and Living Well Naturally (Houghton Mifflin, 1984).

For the past twenty years, Tom has lectured and provided workshops on healing and personal transformation throughout the United States and Europe, including the University of Massachusetts and Yale University. In May 2005, he was the keynote speaker for the American Cancer Society’s Living With Cancer Conference in Augusta, Maine. He and his wife, Toby, live in Massachusetts and are the parents of three adult children.

Taking Woodstock
Unexpected Recoveries

Julie Mooney

How to Publish Your Novel

Monica Morris received an MA and PhD in sociology from the University of Southern California. Her areas of expertise include social psychology, sociology of emotion, and medical sociology. She was a professor of sociology in the California State University System for over twenty years. A widely published author, Dr. Morris resides with her husband in southern California.

Falling in Love Again

Vijaya Nair, MD, is an esteemed researcher and epidemiologist. A native of Singapore, she earned her medical degree from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Nair later immigrated to the United States, where she received a master's degree in epidemiology from Columbia University and completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Nair went on to become a successful professor, speaker, and writer. She currently serves as president and CEO of Essence of Life, a New York based manufacturer of natural anti-inflammatory supplements. She may be contacted through the Essence of Life website, www.jivasupplements.org.

Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and Other Deadly Killers!

The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) is America’s leading advocate for positive and safe sports for children. The Alliance features a wide range of programs that educate volunteer coaches, parents, youth sport program administrators, and officials about their roles and responsibilities in the context of youth sports. It also offers youth development programs for children. The Alliance’s programs are provided at the local level through dynamic partnerships with more than 2,400 community-based organizations, such as parks and recreation departments, Boys and Girls Clubs, Police Athletic Leagues, YMCA/YWCAs, and other independent youth service groups throughout the country, as well as military installations worldwide.

Your First Coaching Book
Parent’s Guide to Baseball and Softball

Baudouin Neirynck, PhD, earned degrees in both Hotel and Restaurant Management and Food Science. He has held food and beverage management positions in some of the world’s finest hotels, including The Mandarin Oriental (Hong Kong), the Le Mirador (Mont-Pelerin, Switzerland), and The Red Sea Palace Hotel (Saudi Arabia). Currently, he teaches Wine, Food and Beverage and Hotel Management courses at the Institute For Tourism Studies in Macau, PR of China. Dr. Neirynck continues to pursue his passion for wine by collecting wines and visiting the world’s finest vineyards and wineries.

The Grapes of Wine

Michael Neustel is a U.S. Registered Patent Attorney with a bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering. He is licensed to practice in front of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and is the founder of the National Inventor Fraud Center, Inc. He regularly presents intellectual property seminars for various inventor organizations throughout the United States, and is the creator of popular software products such as PatentWizard and PatentHunter.

The Patent Writer

Gerald Nierenberg, a successful lawyer, pioneered the idea of the "everybody wins" philosophy--now usually referred to as "win-win"--which insures that all parties benefit from the negotiation. Nierenberg has written twenty best-selling books that have been translated into thirty languages. He is also the founder of The Negotiation Institute, which offers state-of-the-art training to business and professional organizations, governments, and executives around the world.

The New Art of Negotiating

Kevin F. Noon, PhD, received his doctorate from Texas A&M University, specializing in wetlands. For twenty-five years, he has been involved in land development and wetland mitigation policy development.Currently, he is chairman and cofounder of Critical Habitats, Inc., a land development and consulting company that specializes in environmental banking.

Green Wealth

Margaret J. Nowak is a graduate of the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts. She has designed, coordinated, and led complementary medicine seminars and presentations. In addition, she has assisted in the development of alternative medicine and allied health programs for hospitals and colleges. She has extensive management experience in holistic and medical practices.

Your Guide to Alternative Medicine

Elaine Nussbaum holds a bachelor’s degree in business education from Montclair State College. After her painful experience with cancer, she became a professional nutritionist and certified teacher of macrobiotics. Elaine has now been practicing, studying, and teaching macrobiotics for almost a decade. She has an active consulting practice in West Orange, New Jersey, and also offers macrobiotic cooking classes. Elaine is a popular lecturer, having spoken to groups throughout the United States. She has also been interviewed on numerous radio and national television shows. Elaine and her husband, Ralph, currently reside in northern New Jersey.

Recovery From Cancer

Caroline O’Connnell heads a successful public relations firm in Los Angeles, California. Before starting her company, Caroline lived and worked in Paris, developing fluency in the French language and a love of the people and their culture. She is also the coauthor of The Best Places to Kiss in Southern California: A Romantic Travel Guide.

Everyone's Guide to Romance in Paris
Everyone Woman's Guide to Romance in Paris

Neil Orenstein, PhD, contributing editor, was formerly affiliated with the Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital (Harvard Medical School) in Boston. Dr. Orenstein maintains a private practice in Nutritional Biochemistry where he works with people to reestablish their biochemical balance.

Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf

Frank Orthoefer has been involved in lecithin research and development for over thirty years. He has published numerous papers in scientific journals, texts, and reference books, and also holds several patents. Frank earned his bachelor of science and master of science degrees from Ohio State University, a master’s degree from the University of Illinois, and a doctorate from Michigan State University.

Lecithin and Health

Henry Osiecki, B.Sci., G.D. Nutr. graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, with an honors degree in science, majoring in physiology and pharmacology. He received his postgraduate diploma in nutrition and dietetics from the Queensland Institute of Technology. He has published papers on a variety of health topics, as well as a textbook on clinical nutrition that is used in colleges throughout Australia. Regarded as a health pioneer, Osiecki has been in clinical practice for over twenty years.

The Asthma Breakthrough

Lonnette Parks has been cooking and baking since she was seven years old, and is an award-winning pie maker and cake decorator. She is constantly honing her craft and adding to her repertoire of Mason jar treats. Ms. Parks currently resides with her family in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she is a highly sought-after speaker and cooking demonstrator at local clubs, schools, and organizations.

The Mason Jar Cookie Cookbook
The Mason Jar Dessert Cookbook
The Mason Jar Soup-to-Nuts Cookbook

Cybele Pascal grew up in a family of outstanding cooks. The family’s large organic garden provided the fresh ingredients for many of their meals, and inspired in Cybele the love of a wide range of cuisines. She first learned about hypoallergenic cooking when her son was diagnosed with severe food allergies, and she rose to the challenge by making each family meal a delicacy.

The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook

Yves E. Patak, MD, works as a general practitioner, acupuncturist (ASA), and hypnotherapist in Zurich, Switzerland. Writing is his passion, and two of his novels have been published. During his medical studies, Yves spent three months in Jamaica, where he experienced uncanny phenomena that he partly incorporated into his first novel, The Healer, and his current project, The Screener. Numerous stays in the Far East, India, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies brought him into contact with diverse cultures, rites, tribal medicine, and superstition. All these experiences have strongly inspired Yves in his work as both a physician and a writer.

Dialogue with the Devil

Howard Peiper, ND, is a doctor of naturopathic medicine. While beginning his career in optometry, he was immediately drawn to the field of alternative health. In 1972, he received his degree in Naturopathy. After a decade in private practice, Dr. Peiper moved on to become a successful consultant, speaker, and writer. Over the years, his cutting-edge articles have appeared in numerous medical journals and magazines. He also serves on the medical advisory board for several nutritional companies. Dr. Peiper has written several best-selling titles including ADD: The Natural Approach and New Hope for Serious Diseases. He is a frequent guest speaker on radio and television and has hosted his own shows, including the award-winning TV show Partners in Healing. Currently, Dr. Peiper lives in Southern California and continues to travel and lecture throughout the world.

The ADD & ADHD Diet!
ADD: The Natural Approach
All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care
The All-Natural High-Performance Diet
Low Carb and Beyond
Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf
The Secrets of Staying Young
Super Nutrition for Dogs n' Cats

Ralph Pelligra, MD, is an American success story. At the age of seven, he came to the United States after fleeing Cuba with his family. As a young man, Omar worked many physically demanding jobs including that of a quarry laborer--all in pursuit of his dreams. By age thirty-one, Omar was the owner of a chain of highly profitable health clubs and sports medicine facilities. Having excelled at sales and management, he began teaching others his formula for success. Today, Omar Periu is a highly sought-after lecturer and workshop leader. He and his family currently reside in south Florida.

Seizure Prevention Without Drugs

Omar Periu is an American success story. At the age of seven, he came to the United States after fleeing Cuba with his family. As a young man, Omar worked many physically demanding jobs including that of a quarry laborer--all in pursuit of his dreams. By age thirty-one, Omar was the owner of a chain of highly profitable health clubs and sports medicine facilities. Having excelled at sales and management, he began teaching others his formula for success. Today, Omar Periu is a highly sought-after lecturer and workshop leader. He and his family currently reside in south Florida.

Investigative Selling

John F. Phillips, Esq. received his BA from the College of William and Mary, and his JD from Seton Hall University Law School. He is currently a practicing attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

How & When to Sue Your Lawyer

William H. Philpott, MD, has had specialized training and experience in the fields of psychiatry, electroencephalography, neurology, nutrition, and toxicology. His research into the causes of mental illness and degenerative disease resulted in the publication of Brain Allergies and Victory Over Diabetes. Dwight K. Kalita, PhD, is the co-author of Brain Allergies, Victory Over Diabetes, and Nourishing Your Child, and the author of Light Consciousness. He is also the co-editor of A Physician's Handbook on Orthomolecular Medicine.

Magnet Therapy

Robert H. Phillips, Ph.D., is a practicing psychologist on Long Island, New York. He is the founder and director of the Center for Coping, a multi-service organization offering private and group counsel-ing to help individuals cope with a variety of situations. The author of twenty-five books on how to deal with various chronic health conditions, Dr. Phillips has also written numerous articles on a variety of subjects in the field of psychology. He has lectured at conventions, universities, and professional meetings throughout the country, and has ap-peared on local and national radio and television programs. Currently he is the host of a weekly radio show in Long Island, New York.

Love Tactics
Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy

Bruce Piasecki, PhD., is the president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., a top management consulting firm specializing in energy, materials, and environmental corporate matters, whose clients include Suncor Energy, the Warren Buffett firm Shaw Industries, Toyota, and other international companies. In addition to his bestseller Doing More With Less, Dr. Piasecki is the author of nine other books on business strategy, valuation, and corporate change, including the Nature Society’s book of the year, In Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame, as well as his recent bestseller Doing More With Teams. Since 1981, he has advised dozens of Fortune 500 companies in the critical areas of corporate governance, energy, environmental strategy, product innovation, and sustainability strategy. A highly sought-after speaker and educator, Dr. Piasecki gives lectures, workshops, and seminars throughout North America and the world.

Missing Persons
New World Companies

Ron Pickarski is the first professional vegetarian chef to be certified executive chef by the American Culinary Federation, and is President and Chef/Consultant of Eco-Cuisine, Inc., a food technology consulting service. A recognized expert in the preparation of both traditional and vegetarian cuisine, Mr. Pickarski is also the author of Eco-Cuisine: An Ecological Approach to Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking.

As You Like It Cookbook

P.J. Pierson discovered her love of writing during thirteen years as a soldier in the United States Army. She has been writing about health and nutrition issues for over a decade.

Aromatherapy for Everyone

Barbara Pleasant is a lecturer, columnist, and best-selling author of over twenty books on plants and gardening. She received both her undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Alabama. As a writer, her articles have appeared in numerous national magazines and newspapers throughout the country. In addition, Ms. Pleasant’s work has twice won the Quill and Trowel’s Certificate of Merit sponsored by the Garden Writers Association of America. Currently, the author resides in North Carolina.

The Whole Herb

Lucinda K. Porter, RN is an active hepatitis C advocate who writes, teaches, and lectures on the topic. She is recognized as a leader in her field based upon her professional experience and her firsthand knowledge of living with the disease. Ms. Porter has been a research nurse at Stanford University Medical Center specializing in HCV, and her articles and guides have appeared in numerous HCV newsletters and journals. Today, in addition to being a highly sought-after speaker, she continues to work with various HCV groups on behalf of patients and their families

Free from Hepatitis C

Sandy Pukel has been intimately involved in the natural foods industry for over three decades, and has established an international reputation as a leader in this field. He is a natural foods icon in South Florida, where he taught vegetarian cooking in the early 1970s and owned and operated the landmark Oak Feed natural foods store. Together with world macrobiotic leader Michio Kushi, Sandy established a network of learning centers throughout Florida to teach natural foods cooking and holistic health. Sandy has also been instrumental in the establishment of several natural foods businesses. Grains & Greens is the direct outcome of Sandy’s latest adventure, Holistic Holiday at Sea, a holistic Caribbean cruise featuring delicious vegetarian foods and an education program that includes yoga, Pilates, macrobiotics, meditation, cooking classes, and much more.

Neil Raff, MD, is medical director at Integrated Medicine and Nutrition, P.C. He has specialized in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology for over thirty-three years. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, completed his medical internship at NYU-Bellevue, and carried out his medical residency and gastroenterology fellowship at the Bronx VA Hospital. While serving in the United States Air Force (USAF) he became a member of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, which integrates physical and psychological function (the mind-body connection). Dr. Raff is a Certified Nutritional Specialist (C.N.S.) as well. Besides his work as a doctor and nutritionist, Dr. Raff is an educator and popular lecturer.

The Acid-Alkaline Lifestyle

Chris Reading, MD, received his medical degree from Sydney University. First specializing in organic psychiatry, the author subsequently became interested in researching vitamin and mineral deficiencies, metabolic disorders, food allergies, and the application of genetics to neuropsychiatric disorders. Dr. Reading currently practices in Sydney, Australia, treating private patients and writing medical articles within his areas of expertise..

Trace Your Genes to Health

George L. Redmon, PhD, is a graduate of the Clayton College of Natural Health (ND), the American Holistic College of Nutrition (Ph.D.) and received his PhD in Administration and Management for Walden University. Dr. Redmon has developed a 20-year career specializing in vitamins and holistic health care within the vitamin and natural health care industry. He has served as a Regional and National Education Director for one of the largest retailers of vitamins in the United States.

Energy for Life
Natural Born Fatburners

Jack Rennert has been dealing in posters for over forty years. During this time, he has written a dozen monographs, arranged museum tours, given lectures, and done television guest spots on the topic of poster art. Rennert also established two successful companies: Posters Please, Inc. and Poster Auctions International. At Poster Auctions International, the world’s first company to specialize exclusively in poster auctions, he became the world’s first specialized poster auctioneer. Mr. Rennert is also the author of over twenty books on both vintage and modern posters.

Cappiello: The Posters of Leonetto Cappiello
Poster Prices IX

Victoria Renoux is an experienced natural foods cooking instructor, an accomplished artist, and an internationally recognized food writer. She has owned and managed a health food store and has served as head chef at a top natural foods restaurant. Victoria’s art has been shown in galleries throughout the United States and abroad. As a best-selling author, she has written six cookbooks, including Cooking With the Right Side of the Brain, The Arrowhead Mills Cookbook, and Cooking for Life. Victoria currently lives in Sarasota, Florida.

For the Love of Garlic

Dr. Ogi Ressel received his degree in Physiology from the University of Toronto. In 1976, he earned his Chiropractic degree and has since become an avid researcher in the field of alternative health. Dr. Ressel is an international lecturer and writer for Alive Magazine, Canada's largest health publication. His “Kids First” columns appear in a number of newspapers across Canada and the United States.

Kids First

Patrick W. Rice is an investment columnist for publications such as American City Business Journals (a distributor to forty-one business journals nationwide), IRAresource.com (the leading IRA and real estate site on the internet), Golf.com (150,000 hits per day), and Bankrate.com. Each year, he speaks at real estate conventions across the nation on the subject of IRAs and real estate. He has strong regional news connections in the northwest, all of which are likely to be interested in publicizing this book. Combined, this coverage would reach another million potential readers of IRA Wealth. In addition, through twenty-three years in the field, Pat Rice has developed close ties with IRA administrators throughout the nation.

IRA Wealth

David Richard is an author, publisher, and third-generation natural foods advocate with over twenty-five years experience in the holistic health field. An environmentalist and health activist, his work experience includes extensive studies in health and nutrition. Mr. Richard has been interviewed on numerous radio talk shows.

Anoint Yourself
Stevia Rebaudiana: Nature’s Sweet Secret
Taste Life! The Organic Choice

Arthur Rogen started his career as a teacher in the South Bronx. His work in sales began when he took a part-time position as a sales rep for a real estate developer. After quickly becoming the number-one salesperson, Mr. Rogen gave up his teaching position to work full time as the company’s regional sales manager. From there, he started his own real estate development company. After successfully selling his large tract of homesteads, he established a sales and marketing consulting firm, with clients that included such major corporations as Ford and Snapple. In 1990, Mr. Rogen saw an opportunity to start a thirdparty claim company that serviced the insurance industry. Over the next twenty years, he turned it into a multi-million-dollar business by developing a first-class sales force and the in-house technology to service his staff and clients. Mr. Rogen has also written numerous articles that have appeared in various newsletters and journals. Currently, he resides in Dix Hills, New York, with his wife, Sally.

The Street Smart Sales Pro

Lionel Rolfe is a professional journalist and author with a lifelong interest in medicine and science. As a staff writer, he was responsible for the medical segments of the Today Show. As a journalist, his articles have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers. The author of six books, Mr. Rolfe lives in the greater Los Angeles area.

Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies

Mickey Ross is president of The Ross Group Inc., a highly successful vintage poster company. Over the past ten years, Mr. Ross has worked closely with the artist known as Razzia. Together, they discussed how to best display Razzia’s posters in order to allow collectors to view his body of work with a historical perspective. This book is the successful outcome of those discussions.

Razzia: 25 Years of Poster Art

Millan Ross was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. As an adolescent, Milan developed a passion for the arts. While attending the Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, his passion grew stronger. After graduation, he pursued a career in the music industry. However, due to a family health crisis, he needed to find a job that provided health insurance to cover mounting medical bills. In 2012, Milan walked away from his career in music and took a position with Whole Foods Market. Over time, he worked his way up from cashier to buyer. This fateful decision changed not only Milan’s life but also the life of his family. Today, through his many speaking engagements throughout the United States, Milan has made it his life’s mission to help as many people as possible optimize their health. Milan resides with his wife and son in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where they are actively involved in serving their church and community.

The Change

Anthony Russo, C.Ss.R., grew up in Clifton, New Jersey, and has experienced some degree of hearing difficulty throughout his life. In 1955, he received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, along with a commission in the US Army. Ordained by Cardinal Spellman of New York in 1965, Father Russo was sent in 1967 to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, where he has dedicated his life to working with and for the deaf.

In Silent Prayer

Matthew A. Ryncarz attended Florida State University, where he majored in Biological Sciences. After college, he developed cutting-edge web-based technologies that have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and other national publications. After fighting and winning his own battle against obesity, Matt radically changed the direction of his professional life. He began to pursue a career in fitness, becoming a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a certified CrossFit and CrossFit powerlifting coach. He holds a Georgia state record for deadlifting in his weight category. Matt is also an extensively published writer and a popular public speaker on topics of health and wellness. In addition to developing two natural health products that are now used by professional athletes everywhere, Matt is the co-host of a weekly radio show on health that is broadcast by the Arena Sports Network in Chicago. Currently, Matt lives in Alpharetta, Georgia, with his wife, Polly, and their two daughters.

The Metabolic Loophole Diet

Ruth Sackman is the cofounder and president of the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT), a thirty-year old consumer advocacy organization that provides information on alternative cancer therapies. Based in New York City, Mrs. Sackman has dedicated her life to the pursuit of nontoxic approaches to the treatment of cancer.

Rethinking Cancer

Dr. Ray Sahelian obtained a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Drexel University, and completed his doctoral training at Thomas Jefferson Medical School, both in Philadelphia. He is certified by the American Board of Family Practice. A popular and respected physician and medical writer, the author is internationally recognized as a moderate voice in the evaluation of cutting-edge nutrition, herbs, and hormones. He has discussed the latest health and medical research on numerous national television programs, been cited by countless magazines, been quoted in hundreds of domestic and foreign newspapers, and reached millions of radio listeners nationwide. Dr. Sahelian is the best-selling author of Glucosamine, The Stevia Cookbook, and Mind Boosters. He currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

Natural Sex Boosters

Robert W. Schachner studied at Carnegie Mellon University and the Duquesne University Journalism School. The author of several books, including How and When to Be Your Own Lawyer and Lost Words of the English Language, he is also an avid sailor. Currently, he resides in Plantation Key, Florida.

How & When to Sue Your Lawyer
Barefoot Pirate

Marni Schefter, RD, CDN, graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She completed her dietetic internship at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University, and her last rotation was at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York, where she continued as a clinical dietitian. For the next three years, Marni simultaneously worked at North Shore and counseled clients out of the private practice she opened in Wantagh, New York, and she continues to offer counseling in weight control, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, eating disorders, and sports nutrition at her Wantagh office. Marni is an active member of the American Dietetic Association and the Long Island Diet Association, for which she chaired a private practice reimbursement committee. In addition to serving as a consultant to various eating establishments on Long Island, Marni gives lectures to classes and audiences at private restaurants.

Bite It & Write It

Elaine Fogel Schneider, PhD, is one of this country’s leading authorities on baby massage therapy. She holds two masters--one in speech-language pathology and one in dance/movement--and a PhD in psychology. In addition to being an adjunct instructor in the California State University system, Dr. Schneider is the founder and executive director of Baby Steps and Community Therapies, which provides multidisciplinary programs for hundred of infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities and at-risk conditions. Dr. Schneider’s articles have appeared in popular magazines, professional journals, and books. As a highly sought-after speaker, she has spoken to such groups as UNESCO, Head Start, Zero to Three, and the International Association of Infant Massage.

Massaging Your Baby

Scott C. Senne, DC, CAC, CNS, completed his bachelor of science degree at North Dakota State University and his doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University. He is also a licensed acupuncturist and a clinical exercise specialist who has treated and advised thousands of patients. A recognized authority in the field of natural health, Dr. Senne has lectured extensively on television and radio, and is a contributing writer to Runner's World magazine.

Health Is Wealth

Shana Shapiro, MS, RD, CDN, CDE, received her BS degree in psychology from Emory University and her Masters in Nutrition Education from Teacher’s College at Columbia University. She completed her internship at New York Presbyterian Medical Center and continued her career as a registered dietitian there for the next five years, specializing in cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Shana has had the pleasure of treating Dr. Mehmet Oz’s patients and working closely with the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, and her work at the hospital led her to become a Certified Diabetes Educator. Currently, Shana maintains a successful private practice in Roslyn Heights, New York, that specializes in weight management, medical nutrition therapy, and family wellness. In addition to counseling patients, she lectures to a variety of audiences including students, support groups, and the general public.

Bite It & Write It

Mary Shipley has been involved in health care and natural healing since the 1970s. She also has an active organic garden in which she grows many of her own fruits, vegetables, and herbs to support her fragrant and healthy lifestyle.

Aromatherapy for Everyone

Rudy Shur began his work in publishing as a field representative for Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company and William C. Brown Publishing Company. He later founded Avery Publishing Group, where he was responsible for the acquisition of over 1,000 titles, many of which became bestsellers. Currently, Mr. Shur is the publisher at Square One in Garden City Park, New York.

How To Publish Your Nonfiction Book

Carol Simontacchi, CCN, MS, is a certified clinical nutritionist and the author of a number of books on nutrition, including Your Fat Is Not Your Fault, The Crazy Makers, A Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Heart , and Weight Success for A Lifetime. In addition, Ms. Simontacchi is a highly sought-after lecturer who speaks to professional and lay audiences across the country on important health topics. She has appeared on numerous national, regional, and local radio and TV shows, and her work has been featured in Newsday, First for Women, Women’s Day, and other popular publications. Ms. Simontacchi currently lives with her family in Florida.

Natural Alternatives to Vioxx, Celebrex & Other Anti-Inflammatory Prescription Drugs

Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P) was trained in acupuncture and Oriental medicine at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe and the School of Traditional Medicine of New England in Boston. He also served at the Central Public Hospital of Pochutla, Mexico. He is part of the Scientific Advisory and Research Development team of the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine.

Sodium Bicarbonate
Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy

Ernesto Sirolli, PhD, received a Laurea di Dottore in Political Science from Rome University and a PhD from Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. For over thirty years, he has worked in the US, Europe, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand in the field of local economic development. In 1984, he pioneered a novel approach to local development, based on “facilitating” the transformation of local good ideas into viable businesses. In 1985, Ernesto took this ideas and went out in the community to empower people to take responsibility for their own economic and community development. Ernesto has six years experience working for local self-reliance in African countries and over twenty years implementing Enterprise Facilitation programs in the US and other countries. For his work in Australia, he received the Silver Jubilee Award for the Best Job Creating Project in Australia. Dr. Sirolli is the founder of the Sirolli Institute International located in Sacramento, California. He is also the best-selling author of Ripples from the Zambezi: Passion, Entrepreneurship, and the Rebirth of Local Economies. In addition to his teaching schedule, Dr. Sirolli is a highly sought-after speaker and lectures around the world.

How to Start a Business & Ignite Your Life

Li Smith was raised on a farm in South Africa, where her family grew many of the foods they ate. Her holistic approach to life was nurtured by her mother, who taught her the essentials of growing vegetables and herbs. Li began to grow wheatgrass in 1978, and has witnessed many cases of dramatic healing among those consuming wheatgrass juice, including the reversal of high blood pressure, anemia, asthma, and kidney dysfunction.


Pamela Wartian Smith, MD, MPH, spent her first twenty-two years of practice as an emergency room physician at the Detroit Medical Center. A member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Physicians and a board examiner, Dr. Smith is an internationally known speaker and author on the subject of wellness and anti-aging. Currently, she is the owner and director of the Center for Healthy Living and Longevity, with locations in Ann Arbor, Center Line, Rochester, and Traverse City, Michigan. Dr. Smith is also the best-selling author of What You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & More.

What You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & More
What You Must Know About Women’s Hormones
What You Must Know About Memory Loss & How You Can Stop It

Sondra Sneed is a science and technology writer for industry, and a former atheist with a secret. All the years she spent interviewing scientists and engineers, translating their high-minded knowledge for lay persons, she has also been interviewing the highest mind, the Creator of the Universe. She is also the author of two as yet unpublished books, The Real Story of the Garden of Eden, and The Meaning of Life’s Design.

What to Do When You’re Dead

Rich Snyder, OD, holds a medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Abington Memorial Hospital and his Nephrology Fellowship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Nephrology. Dr. Synder is a contributing member of the American Osteopathic Association, the American College of Osteopathic Internists, the Renal Physicians Association, and several other medical organizations. He is also the author or co-author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. Currently, Dr. Snyder maintains a full-time clinical nephrology practice in Easton, Pennsylvania.

What You Must Know About Kidney Disease
What You Must Know About Liver Disease
What You Must Know About Dialysis

Eliezer Sobel is the author of Minyan: Ten Jewish Men in a World That is Heartbroken, selected by National Book Award winner John Casey as the winner of the prestigious Peter Taylor Prize For the Novel; a memoir, The 99th Monkey: A Spiritual Journalist’s Misadventures with Gurus, Messiahs, Sex, Psychedelics and Other Consciousness-Raising Experiments; and Wild Heart Dancing: A Personal One-Day Quest to Liberate the Artist and Lover Within. He lives in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife, Shari Cordon.

Blue Sky, White Clouds

Catherine E. Stevens, MS, received her BA in biology from Boston University and her BS in cardiorespiratory technology from Stony Brook University. After seeing the positive impact dietary and nutritional intervention had upon her son, she returned to college for her master’s degree in clinical nutrition from New York Institute of Technology. In addition to her work as a cardiac catheterization technologist at North Shore Long Island Medical Center, Catherine specializes in working with children who demonstrate learning, attention, and behavioral issues. She resides with her husband, Robert, in Garden City South, New York.

Finding Robert

Robert J. Stevens is a graduate of Brown University and New York University School of Law. Inspired by his son, Robert became an educational consultant in 1998. While helping to shape and refine various curricula for learning centers and in-school programs, Robert has accumulated thousands of hours of hands-on experience with children struggling in school. Along with other educational and developmental experts, Robert created the Spark Development & Learning Program for children with attention, learning, and behavioral issues.

Finding Robert

Scott Stoll, MD, received his medical degree from the University of Colorado. He is board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and currently serves as the medical director for the Center for Advanced Spinal Solutions at Coordinated Health. He specializes in regenerative medicine, utilizing natural treatments, diet, and lifestyle to aid the body in healing chronic disease and injuries. Dr. Stoll can be heard daily on his radio program, Health Minutes, in the Lehigh Valley, daily Health minutes on Channel 60 TV, and in lectures nationally and internationally. He has also appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, Live with Marilu Henner, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and Daystar Television. Dr. Stoll and his wife, Kristen, reside in Pennsylvania with their four sons and two daughters, where they, too, are actively involved in their church and community organizations.

The Change

Justin F. Stone is an accomplished writer, musician, poet, and artist. He is fluent in the Japanese language and is a Master of T’ai Chi. Over the past thirty years, Stone has traveled extensively throughout Japan. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Joy of Meditation

Deborah Hart Strober was born in Newark, New Jersey, into a family of musicians and journalists. Beginning in the late 1950s, she performed professionally as Deborah Hart in musical theater. In the late 1970s, Ms. Strober was hired by the New York Jewish Week to write a column "Notes on Music." But with a keen interest in politics and international affairs, she soon won general reporting assignments in New York, Lebanon, and Israel.

Gerald S. Strober was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Strober served on the national staff of the American Jewish Committee, where he coordinated the organization’s relations with the evangelical Christian community. He is the author of American Jews: Community in Crisis, and the co-author of Religion and the New Majority.

The Strobers are co-authors of "Let Us Begin Anew:" An Oral History of the Kennedy Presidency; Nixon: An Oral History of His Presidency; Reagan: The Man and His Presidency; and The Monarchy: An Oral Biography of Elizabeth II.

A Day in the Life of Billy Graham

Peter Svoboda is a licensed professional engineer with degrees in Mechanical and Civil Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. A veteran gambler with over twenty-five years of experience in casinos all over North America, Peter has studied the odds and probabilities of the various games to develop proven strategies of play.

Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game

Minoru Tanaka is a professor of English at a college in Kyoto, Japan. He has taught English to Japanese speakers for the past thirty years.


Tommy Tang, chef and restaurateur, was born in Bangkok and moved to the United States in 1972. Ten years later, he opened the original Tommy Tang’s in West Hollywood, California. With the opening of a second restaurant in New York’s Tribeca area in 1986, Tommy became America’s first bicoastal chef. Tommy’s signature line of spices and seasonings is available in stores throughout the United States and Canada. Tommy also shares his expertise on his PBS cooking show.

Tommy Tang’s Modern Thai Cuisine

Leslie Taylor Alternative and herbal medicinal therapies enabled Leslie Taylor to survive a rare form of leukemia. A practicing herbalist and naturopath, Dr. Taylor has been researching, studying, and documenting herbal medicine for almost twenty years. She is the founder of The Raintree Group, a company dedicated to making rainforest botanicals available while preserving the rainforests from destruction. Dr. Taylor lectures and teaches classes worldwide in naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, ethnobotany, and environmental and sustainability issues.

The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs

Dr. Donald S. Teig, OD, FAAO, has served as vision consultant to many professional sports teams in areas including baseball, football, and hockey. As the former director of the Institute for Sports Vision in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and founder of “The Training Room,” Dr. Teig works with a multidisciplinary network of sports medicine experts. Beginning over forty years ago, Dr. Teig pioneered work in sports vision and visual-motor performance training with major league baseball. Subsequently, Dr. Teig and his associates have worked with over fifteen major league baseball clubs, pro golf and tennis tours, several NBA basketball clubs, many Olympic teams, professional football and hockey teams, and dancers of the Joffrey Ballet. Dr. Teig has written numerous articles on the relationship of vision to improved athletic performance. He has lectured throughout the world on this topic, and has developed much of the equipment and techniques being used in the field today. As a sports-vision specialist, Dr. Teig has appeared on several network television and radio programs, including featured segments of The Today Show, Dateline NBC, ESPN Sports Center, The View, and programs on HBO. He has also contributed to sports segments on New York’s all-sports radio station, WFAN, earning him the nickname “Doctor Jock.”

High Performance Vision

Osnat Teitelbaum studied under Professor Noa Eshkol for three years at Seminar Hakibbutzim College in Israel, and was part of Eshkol’s research team analyzing movement patterns in animals and humans. Since 1989, Ms. Teitelbaum has taught movement analysis in the Psychology Department of the University of Florida.

Does Your Baby Have Autism?

Philip Teitelbaum received his doctorate in psychology from Johns Hopkins University. He has been a professor at Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Illinois, and is presently a Graduate Research Professor at the University of Florida. He has published over one hundred articles in the field of psychology.

Does Your Baby Have Autism?

Elliot Tiber has been a professional creative writer for over thirty-five years. He has written and produced numerous award-winning plays and musical comedies for the theater, television, and films around the world. He was also dramaturge for the National Theater of Belgium. He was a semi-finalist in the Academy Awards for best film. As a professor of comedy writing and performance, he has taught at the New School University and Hunter College (CUNY) in New York City.

Mr. Tiber is also a best-selling author. His first novel, Rue Haute, was an instant bestseller in Europe, and was published in the US as an Avon Paperback under its English title, High Street. As a humorist, Elliot Tiber has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, CNBC, and 20/20, as well as on television shows in France, England, Tokyo, Moscow, and Berlin. Tiber has also performed his standup one-man show, Woodstock Daddy, for clubs, theaters, and TV. He currently resides in both New York City and California.

Taking Woodstock
Palm Trees on the Hudson
After Woodstock

Cherie Tripp has consulted as a production, marketing, and media specialist to broadcast, new media, governments, and Fortune 500 companies all over the world. Her love of golf began at age six when she won several junior club championships. She has enjoyed sampling golf courses on many continents. She recently founded Celebration House, a not-for-profit corporation.

Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf

Editor Edith G. Tolchin, “The Sourcing Lady” (SM), “invented” EGT Global Trading in 1997, with the goal of linking U.S. inventors with Asian manufacturers to provide import service for sourcing, quality control, product testing and safety issues, manufacturing, international financing, air/ocean shipping, customs clearance arrangements, and dock-to-door delivery. She has worked in the field of international trade for over three decades. Edie began her career in import and international trade, fresh out of New York University, with a New York City importer of frozen fish and bicycles. Since then, she has worked with both large and small importers, handling commodities from chemicals and wearing apparel to salted nuts and toys. Ms. Tolchin holds a prestigious U.S. Customs Broker License, and has extensive experience with U.S. Customs and customs brokers in various products and issues. She is an expert in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act’s requirements for product safety issues, the General Conformity Certificate, and Tracking Labels. Ms. Tolchin lives in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf
Secrets of Successful Inventing

Larry Trivieri, Jr. is a leading writer and editor in the field of holistic and alternative medicine. He is the author or co-author of more than 15 acclaimed books on health, including the bestseller The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide, The American Holistic Medical Association Guide to Holistic Health, Health On The Edge, and Juice Alive. In addition he served as the editor and principal writer of both editions of the landmark volume Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, and has also published more than 200 health articles online, and in leading publications, including Alternative Medicine, Natural Health, Natural Solutions, and Yoga Journal, as well as online. He is also a frequent lecturer about health-related topics, and has been a featured guests on television and radio shows nationwide.

The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide, 2nd Edition
The Acid-Alkaline Lifestyle
Juice Alive

Janet Tubbs was the founder of Creative Concepts for Children in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 1977, armed with a personal love of music, dance, and arts and crafts, Janet began working with children who had low self-esteem and behavioral problems. For the next four years, she developed a unique approach using music, art, puppetry, and movement. In 1984, Janet expanded her program to include children with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and AD/HD. In the same year, she established the Children’s Resource Center, a non-profit organization, for special needs children. For over two decades, Janet has profoundly helped thousands of children, trained hundreds of teachers and parents, and lectured to tens of thousands of educators and parents throughout North America. Janet is the author of six books and numerous published articles.

Creative Therapy for Children With Autism, ADD, and Aspergers

Lisa Turner

The Enzyme Cure

Mike "Bootlegger" Turner has studied and played the game of blackjack for over thirty years. His articles on blackjack have appeared in newspapers and gambling magazines throughout North America, as well as on numerous gambling websites. Mr. Turner and his family reside in Ohio.

Bootlegger’s Blackjack 101

Vernon Kitabu Turner is an author, spiritual guru, and martial arts master. In 1967, after a chance meeting with his first teacher, Nomura Roshi, Turner experienced a profound opening in both his meditation and martial arts practice. His other books include Soul Sword: The Way and Mind of a Zen Warrior and The Secret of Freedom. Author Residence: Virginia Beach, VA

Ki-Asana Zen

Sam Ulano is a performer, educator, and author who has been in the music profession for over sixty-five years. Well-known for his methods of drum teaching and his progressive approach to writing about the instrument he loves, Sam has over 2,500 drum-instruction books to his credit. Known as ÒMr. Rhythm,Ó he has appeared on television with Gary Moore, Ernie Kovacs, and Joe Franklin, as well as with Steve Allen on The Tonight Show.

I Love What I Do!
Keep Swinging!

Marc Van Cauwenberghe, MD, received his medical degree in 1969 in Belgium. After working as a general practitioner, he specialized in pathology and was introduced to macrobiotics through the writings of George Ohsawa. Fascinated by Ohsawa’s presentation of the philosophy of Oriental and macrobiotic medicine, he started to practice macrobiotics in his own life and was impressed with the gradual improvements in his physical, mental and spiritual health. He then began studying and working with Michio Kushi. Marc has lectured and counseled extensively throughout North America and Europe and has translated numerous writings of George Ohsawa and Michio Kushi. He has recently relocated to the Boston area.

Macrobiotic Home Remedies

Dick Van Patten was born into a family of actors, and made his acting debut at the age of seven when he appeared in the Broadway production of Tapestry in Gray. Ultimately, he would also perform in movies, on radio, and, of course, on television. Although he first appeared on TV at the age of seventeen in the pioneering sitcom I Remember Mama, today’s audiences remember him best as dad Tom Bradford of the hit TV show Eight Is Enough, which ran from 1977 to 1981.

Dick Van Patten’s Terrific TV Trivia

Zalman Velvel has worked at a variety of jobs. He has driven taxis in Manhattan, worked on Wall Street, and been a successful real estate investor and auctioneer. But it was during his teenage years that he discovered his passion for writing, which endures to this day. He has written two novels and ten plays, with two of his plays--The Unemployment Line and Honeymoon in Hell--being produced off-Broadway. Most important, after rediscovering his religious roots, Zalman wrote 100 short stories about Judaism and Israel. Zalman now resides in Florida with his wife of thirty-five years and their three married children and five grandchildren. Several times each year, he visits his home in Israel.

The King of Shabbos and Other Stories of Return
Mobile Home Wealth

John Vrattos is a gourmet cook who has been in the sourdough bread business for over twenty-five years, working for the world’s top producers of sourdough breads. John is a recipient of the exclusive Antonin Careme culinary medal awarded by the San Francisco’s Chef Association of the Pacific Coast. John and his family reside in San Francisco’s Bay area.

The Sourdough Bread Bowl Cookbook

Roberta W. Waddell, has been both a writer and editor in the field of alternative health for over sixteen years. Because of her own chronic pain, she has experienced conventional and alternative therapies firsthand.

Relieving Pain Naturally

Patricia Walker lives and writes in northern Colorado. Her poems have appeared in published poetry compilations and many articles she has written are featured on the Web. She authors a personal blog, writing primarily about traditional and nontraditional spiritual approaches to life and ways to enhance one’s journey through music, nature, and personal introspection. Patricia is currently working on her next book.

Dance of the Electric Hummingbird

Richard W. Walker, Jr., MD, received his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and completed his residency at the University of Michigan. He has served on the faculty of the University of Texas Medical Center, and is the founder and medical director of HealthE & Well, PC, a Houston-based health center. In addition to being a published writer, Dr. Walker is a highly sought-after speaker.

African-American Healthy

Neale Donald Walsch is the author of the extraordinary Conversations with God series of books, six of which made the New York Times bestsellers’ list. His writings have been translated into 37 languages and read by millions. His life and work have helped to create a worldwide spiritual renaissance, and he has traveled all over the world to lecture, conduct retreats and workshops, and bring the inspiring messages of Conversations with God to people everywhere.

Conversations with God
God’s Message to the World

Andrew T. Walther is the Director of Media Relations for the Knights of Columbus. Previously, he worked as a freelance journalist and taught writing for several years at the University of Southern California. He currently serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations.

The Knights of Columbus

Judith A. Ward, ASLA, received her master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Michigan. A professional landscape architect with over twenty years of experience, Ms.Ward is now president and cofounder of Critical Habitats, Inc.

Green Wealth

Katie Warren, mother of three, draws from the potty training method handed down to her through three generations of her family. Based upon a common-sense approach and a loving environment, Katie has successfully taught her family’s technique to many mothers and fathers. She has written this book to give other new parents the opportunity to share her toilet training expertise. Katie manages to keep up with her interests in psychology and writing. She resides with her husband and children in San Marcos, Texas.

Potty Training Your Baby

Dr. Jordan Weiss, MD, received his medical degree from the University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago. With an emphasis on the body-mind-spirit connection, he worked at several leading complementary medical centers. A practicing psychiatrist for over twenty years, Dr. Weiss currently works at Irvine’s Center for Psychoenergetic Therapy. He is the author of several published articles on emotional responses, and is a highly regarded speaker.

Our Secret Rules

Ellen G. White was a co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Born in 1827, in Gorham, Maine, her spiritual calling began at an early age. For the remainder of her life, she conducted a public ministry, traveling around the country and the world, spreading her revolutionary Christian thinking. In 1863, the Seventh-day Adventist Church was established, and she became its first spiritual leader. Through her inspired guidance, what began as a handful of believers has grown to include millions of followers throughout the world.

Food for Thought
God’s Nutritionist

Martie Whittekin, CCN, is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and nationally syndicated radio host. For over twenty-five years, she has been an integral part of the natural alternative health movement in the United States. While serving as president of the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA), she helped shape the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. For her work in drafting and passing that landmark legislation, she received the NNFA’s Crusader Award. She has also served on the Board of Trustees for Bastyr University. As an activist and the host of the popular radio show Radio Martie, the author has been privileged to interview and learn from hundreds of leading figures in the fields of nutrition and natural medicine. Her book Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagamet, Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers, is a national bestseller.

Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagament, Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers
The Probiotic Cure

Lydia Wilen and Joan Wilen have been professional writers for over two decades, having sold three feature filmscripts, one CBS Movie of the Week, and one ABC-TV Afternoon Playbreak. The Wilen sisters have also written a number of best-selling books, including Chicken Soup & Other Folk Remedies and The Perfect Name for the Perfect Baby; as well as articles for a wide variety of magazines and newspapers, including the New York Daily News Sunday Magazine.

How To Sell Your Screenplay

Fred Willard is one of our generation’s most gifted comic actors. A master of sketch comedy and heralded for his quick wit and improvisational expertise, Fred has entertained audiences with unforgettable movie, television, and stage performances for over thirty years. He is an alumnus of Chicago’s famed improv group The Second City, a three-time Emmy nominee, and co-creator of The MoHo Group--a weekly sketch comedy workshop. He has appeared in over fifty motion pictures, including Roxanne, This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, A Mighty Wind, and For Your Consideration.

Fred Willard’s Magnificent Movie Trivia

Kate Wood is the former editor of the world’s leading raw foods magazine Get Fresh!. She has been a raw food vegetarian for over ten years, and has worked to strengthen the network of raw food advocates throughout North America and the United Kingdom. The author, who has raised three healthy children on this diet, lives with her family in southwest London, England.

Eat Smart, Eat Raw

Sandra Woodruff, RD, LD/N, is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and the best-selling author of numerous books on nutrition, cooking, and healthy eating. Sandra holds a master’s degree in nutrition and food science from Florida State University. During her career, she has worked as the dietitian for a hospital-based wellness center, advised numerous medical groups and businesses, taught college nutrition courses, and served as president of the Florida Dietetic Association. She currently maintains a private practice, where she specializes in helping people improve their diets for the prevention and management of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other diet-related health problems. Sandra has spoken at numerous workshops and seminars and has appeared on television and radio shows throughout the United States and Canada, including Oprah Winfrey, The Lifetime Network, and QVC. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Prevention, Cooking Light, Shape, Better Nutrition, Bottom Line Health, and Family Circle.

Soft Foods for Easier Eating Cookbook

Jonathan V. Wright, MD, a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Michigan, has taught natural medical treatments to physicians throughout the world.

Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness

Alan P. Xenakis, MD, ScD, MPH, earned dual doctorates in Medicine and Applied Science from Boston University School of Medicine, and master’s degrees in Public Health and Health Dynamics from Harvard University and Sargent College of Allied Health. An educator and Emmy-winning producer, Dr. Xenakis’s integrative medicine experience spans medical center research, university teaching, Big Six healthcare management consulting, and private and public company founding management.

Mineral Miracle

Tsunetomo Yamamoto was born in 1659 and devoted his adult life to the service of his Shogun master, Lord Mitsushige Nabeshima, and his clan, rising to become a highly respected samurai warrior. Upon his master’s death in 1700, Yamamoto renounced the world and retired to a hermitage. While at his retreat, a close friend and disciple recorded Yamamoto’s thoughts and ideas on what it meant to be a Japanese warrior. Although Yamamoto requested that the work never be published, the Hagakure--literally meaning "hidden behind the leaves"--did survive, influencing the development of a culture and serving as the basis of Bushido, the way of the samurai.


Jill Yates, a graduate of Portland State University, has worked in the marketing and public relations industry for almost twenty years. Also the author of Coffee Lover’s Bible, Ms. Yates lives with her husband in Washington State.

Tales of a Tea Leaf

Shalom Yoran was born in Raciaz, Poland in 1922. In 1939, his life changed forever when his father and mother were killed by the Nazis. For the next six years, he and his brother, Musio, fought as partisans against the German war machine. In 1946, Mr. Yoran moved to Israel (then called Palestine), to begin a new life. For seven years, he served as an officer in the Israeli Air Force. For the next thirty years, he worked in the aircraft industry as both a top executive and a highly sought-after consultant. Today, the author and his wife, Varda, live in the United States.

The Defiant

David Young has recorded 55 albums and has sold over a million CDs. His relaxing instrumental music features a unique technique of playing two recorders (renaissance flutes) in harmony at one time. He is also an accomplished singer/songwriter/ guitarist whose voice and songs have been used on numerous TV productions. Over 10,000 massage therapists, spas, healing centers, and hospitals all over the world use his instrumental music every day to help people find peace in this stressful world.

Channeling Harrison

Marcia Zimmerman, MEd, CN, is an internationally known author, educator, and consultant to some of the country’s leading nutrition and supplement companies. A highly sought-out speaker, Zimmerman is a recognized expert on the use of dietary modification and supplements to address various health problems. Her 7-Color Cuisine System, which she developed over ten years, has taught countless people how to alleviate physical problems through simple lifestyle changes. Her books, which have been translated into six languages, include the A.D.D. Nutrition Solution, Eat Your Colors, The Anti-Aging Solution, and 7-Syndrome Healing.

7-Color Cuisine

Judi and Shari Zucker, both graduated from the University of California in Santa Barbara, each majoring in Ergonomics—the study of human physiology, physical education, and nutrition. Fondly dubbed the “Double Energy Twins,” they have made it their mission to teach children and adults the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In addition to being interviewed on numerous radio and TV shows, Judi and Shari have lectured on the topic of health and nutrition throughout the United States. They are the authors of four titles, including their bestseller, Double Energy Diet. Currently, both authors live in the Santa Barbara area with their families.

The Ultimate Allergy-Free Snack Cookbook
The Ultimate Allergy-Free Cookbook

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