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Square One's debut novelist and 7-time Emmy winner TERRY JASTROW visits the Square along with Oscar-nominated wife ANNE ARCHER

Square One's debut novelist and 7-time Emmy winner TERRY JASTROW visits the Square along with Oscar-nominated wife ANNE ARCHER

Posted: 2021/10/13

Garden City Park, NY: Square One started this week off with a fun and productive visit from our debut novelist—the seven-time Emmy award winning producer/director Terry Jastrow—accompanied by his Oscar-nominated actress Anne Archer to talk about his book with us entitled The Trial of George W. Bush ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757005060).

A photo was taken of Ms. Archer and Mr. Jastrow alongside our VP of Marketing, Anthony Pomes, who made sure—while attending to ongoing plans for Terry's book—to compliment Anne's work in blockbusters like Fatal Attraction and Patriot Games alongside other projects as varied as Robert Altman's Short Cuts, Sylvester Stallone's 1978 directorial debut (and cult classic) Paradise Alley, and opposite the late great John Ritter in the sweet 1980 superhero comedy Hero at Large(See photo above.)

The picture was also picked this week by Publishers Weekly as the "Photo of the Day" in their PW Daily e-newsletter.

Based on a large measure of intense research by Jastrow over a number of years, The Trial of George W. Bush is a "fiction based on facts" and a conjectural one at that. While playing a round of golf on a course in Scotland, former President George W. Bush is picked up and helicoptered to the Hague's International Criminal Court in The Netherlands to "stand trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity." This fascinating trial brings together eyewitness testimony from a former Secretary of State, the Commander of US Central Command who oversaw military operations, an American counterterrorism expert, and a female Iraqi blogger, who reads from the blogs she wrote while Bush’s war was destroying her country starting back in 2003.

So far, the novel has been declared "provocative" (Publishers Weekly) and "controversial and enthralling" by top reviewer Grady Harp. More reviews are expected to come in, even as Jastrow soon intends to produce the audiobook version of his novel with acclaimed narrator Jim Meskimen. Meanwhile, Jastrow is just about finished with his second novel based around a series of friendships that are challenged and changed by the seismic events at play in America during the year 1969.

The Trial of George W. Bush: A Novel is available now on Amazon and wherever else books are sold.

The Trial of George W. Bush

Following the worst terrorist attacks in American history on September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush pledged to bring those responsible to justice, especially the mastermind behind it all, Osama bin Laden. After failing to capture bin Laden in Afghanistan, George W. Bush shifted his attention and that of our country to Saddam Hussein and Iraq, neither of which had anything to do with the ...
9780757005060 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))