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A Book to Help Get You Through This Holiday Season

A Book to Help Get You Through This Holiday Season

Posted: 2021/11/29

Garden City Park, NY: Square One Publishers hopes everyone everywhere had a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Hopes and reality are sometimes two different things, though. With word now that COVID rates are again on the rise in Europe and in certain parts of the US, and the new Omicron variant starting to make its mark, the subject of immunity is very much on peoples' minds.

To aid you as the holiday season swiftly approaches, consider getting a copy of bestselling health author Dr. Pamela Wartian-Smith's newest book Max Your ImmunityHow to Maximize Your Immune System When You Need It Most ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0512-1).

A book like Max Your Immunity should be in everybody's home—especially now.

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay vigilant—stay safe.

Max Your Immunity

The word immunity has unfortunately become an all-too-common term in our vocabulary, and for good reason. When the pandemic hit, many of the major drug companies created vaccines that offered us “immunity” against this specific virus. Yet, few of us understand that almost all these vaccines work based upon their activating our own built-in systems of defense. It is our very own immunity to these ...
9780757005121 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))