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Rest In Peace, Michael Lang

Rest In Peace, Michael Lang

Posted: 2022/01/09

Garden City Park, NY: In a year that has already brought the passings of legendary actress Betty White, film director Peter Bogdanovich, trailblazing actor Sidney Poitier, and beloved Full House TV star and comedian Bob Saget, we now also sadly note the passing of Woodstock co-creator and promoter extraordinaire Michael Lang.

As reported by the Associated Press, Mr. Lang passed away at age 77 this past weekend from non-Hodkin's lymphoma at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

Our author Elliot Tiber (who passed away in August 2016 at age 81) remained ever-thankful to Lang for having agreed to set up the 1969 Woodstock Arts & Music Festival headquarters at Tiber's El Monaco hotel when Tiber was able to provide the legal permit necessary to stage the festival in the town of Bethel, New York. This wild and hilarious Summer of '69 story is told in Tiber's memoir Taking Woodstock, which was made into the acclaimed feature film from director Ang Lee co-starring the great Jonathan Groff as the equally great Lang.

Upon Tiber's passing in 2016, Lang was considerate enough to provide The New York Times with the following quote in remembrance:

"Elliot was part of the magic of Woodstock. Without his phone call bringing me to Bethel, Woodstock might never have happened, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

On news of Lang's passing, we wanted to return the cosmic favor by providing here what Elliot wrote about Mike on the Dedication page of his memoir:

"Michael, you gave me an entire new life and opened up a world filled with dreams and self-esteem. You have my lifelong heartfelt thanks." —Elliot Tiber

Things being as ceaselessly crummy as they have been these past days, we thought it would be nice to remind folks here of the good energy between these two guys from Brooklyn, New York.

Rest In Peace, Michael Lang . . .

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