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Keep Up with Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith's Health Book Tour—What's Now, and What's Next!

Keep Up with Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith's Health Book Tour—What's Now, and What's Next!

Posted: 2022/10/25

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: Only a few weeks after its publication, bestselling health author Pamela Wartian Smith, MD has been out and about at a number of health shops and compounding pharmacies in support of the new "Second Edition" of her ever-popular title What You Must Know About Women's Hormones ($18.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757005183).

To date, she has already appeared at the following store locations:

* Monday, Se
p 26
. Keystone Pharmacy (Grand Rapids, MI)

* Tuesday, Sep 27
. Healthway Pharmacy (Saginaw, MI)

* Wednesday, Sep 28. Physicians Compounding Pharmacy (Bloomfield Hills, MI)

* Thursday, Sep 29. Clark Pharmacy (Ann Arbor, MI)

* Tuesday, Oct 4. Colts Neck Pharmacy (Colts Neck, NJ)

Wednesday, Oct 5. Robinson Compounding Pharmacy (Mendham, NJ - see photo included here taken at the store, which was just featured as PW Daily's "Photo of the Day")  and Town & Country Compounding (Ramsey, NJ)

* Thursday, Oct 6. Town Total Compounding Center (Woodbury, NY) and HB Pharmacy (N. Arlington, NJ)

Next up for Dr. Smith will be various other health stores and compounding pharmacies in South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Arizona. Be sure to check back on the Square One home page for updates, and feel free to place orders for any of Dr. Smith's books with us whenever you like. Here below is a list of the titles:

What You Must Know About Women's Hormones—Second Edition ($18.95, ISBN: 9780757005183)

What You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & So Much More—Second Edition ($16.95, ISBN: 9780757004711)

Max Your Immunity ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757005121)

What You Must Know About Memory Loss ($15.95, ISBN: 9780757003868)

What You Must Know About Thyroid Disorders ($16.95, ISBN: 9780757004247)

What You Must Know About Allergy Relief  with co-author Dr. Earl Mindell
($17.95, ISBN: 9780757004377)

Why You Can't Lose Weight ($16.95, ISBN: 9780757003127)

* * * COMING IN SPRING 2023 from Dr. Smith * * *

Maximize Your Male Hormones:
Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments of
Men’s Most Common Health Disorders
$17.95, ISBN: 9780757005152

What You Must Know About Women's Hormones - Second Edition

​*** OVER 85,000 COPIES SOLD ***Hormonal imbalances can occur at any age—before, during, or after menopause. The reasons for these imbalances vary widely, and can include heredity, environment, nutrition, and aging. While most hormone-related problems are associated with menopause, the fact is that fluctuating hormonal levels can also cause a variety of other conditions; and for some women, the ...
9780757005183 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))

Max Your Immunity

The word immunity has unfortunately become an all-too-common term in our vocabulary, and for good reason. When the pandemic hit, many of the major drug companies created vaccines that offered us “immunity” against this specific virus. Yet, few of us understand that almost all these vaccines work based upon their activating our own built-in systems of defense. It is our very own immunity to these ...
9780757005121 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))

What You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and So Much More—SECOND EDITION

​*** OVER 58,000 COPIES SOLD ***Almost 75 percent of your health and life expectancy is based on lifestyle, environment, and nutrition. Yet even if you follow a healthful diet, you are probably not getting all the nutrients you need to prevent disease. In What You Must Know About Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and So Much More, Second Edition, Dr. Pamela Smith explains how you can restore and ...
9780757004711 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))

Maximize Your Male Hormones

To a great degree, we are who we are because of the hormones produced in our body. From our sexuality to our physical and mental development to the state of our health—we are all dependent on our hormones working properly. When there is an overproduction or under-production of any of our hormones, we can experience a host of serious health disorders. The problem is few of us ever connect these ...
9780757005152 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))
Coming Soon
 - Release: 03/15/2023