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50 Money-Saving Tips for Every Landlord

Caring for rental properties is no easy job, especially when dealing with short-term tenants. Repairing damage and replacing parts are problems that every landlord has to face. In 50 Money-Saving Tips, Mike McLean, one of the most successful landlords in the Philadelphia area, shares his secrets for succeeding in this challenging business. Through the use of humorous, real-life stories and an ...

About the House With Henri de Marne

This is a complete manual for homeowners. When things go wrong, or when you are ready to remodel, you need expert advice. Henri de Marne is one of America’s best-known and most trusted experts, who has answered just about every question a homeowner can face. For example:§  What is the green stuff growing on my roof?§  Why does my basement stay damp?§  How can I get rid of carpenter bees?§  Can I ...

Bug Busters

Want to get rid of pesky bugs and rodents in and around your home and garden—without using dangerous chemical pesticides? Bug Busters provides dozens of environmentally safe, easy methods for keeping your home free of pests. Written in easy-to-understand language, this book combines traditional time-proven pest controls with the latest research. Also included are new and innovative techniques ...