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From Patent to Profit, Third Edition

Having a novel idea and turning that idea into cash is not as simple as it sounds. To help innovative individuals learn to navigate around the many pitfalls of inventing, Bob DeMatteis has written From Patent to Profit, an up-to-date guide to all of the important steps involved in taking a product from the drawing board to market. Whether you are a professional inventor, a part-time dabbler, or ...

Secrets of Successful Inventing

Ms. Tolchin has created an all-in-one guide that addresses the critical issues that beginning inventors might fail to even consider. From terminology to patenting, from licensing to marketing, each expert offers clear and practical advice to help inventors reach their goals. Every chapter presents the information in a sequence that will allow the beginning inventor to navigate the waters of ...

The Patent Writer

If you are an inventor or product developer, it’s a huge mistake to try to patent an invention yourself—unless you have a clear understanding of good patent writing. The Patent Writer explains in detail how to write effective patent applications. In simple layman’s terms, the authors reveal pertinent patent laws and facts, discuss superior word usage, and explore the methodologies required to ...