The Second World War: Asia and the Pacific

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The Second World War: Asia and the Pacific
Square One Publishers


8.5 X 11.0 in
352 pg

HISTORY / Military / World War II

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By:  Thomas E. Griess (Series edited by)


Beginning with a look at the readiness of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy and the United States armed forces, this book gives a detailed account of the Allies’ brutal five-year struggle with Japan. It examines the interrelationship of land, sea, and air forces as they battled over the vast reaches of the Pacific Theater of War.


"Excellent...the strength of the books is in the operational military history, and they present well-argued evaluations of the wars' commanders and campaigns."  Library Journal

Author Biography

These titles were developed and written by the faculty of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Weaving the complexities of individual historical conflicts into a broader perspective, these books chronicle the turbulent periods of civilization. Utilizing their expertise as scholars and soldiers, the authors shed light on the crucial events and factors that shaped the execution of the world’s great military campaigns. Photographs, illustrations, and maps of the campaigns—thoroughly researched for historical accuracy—are either included in the books or available as companion atlases. Each volume focuses on a specific era of warfare, bringing you into the thick of battle with a clear and accurate picture of men at war.