Hey! Who's Having This Baby Anyway?

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Hey! Who's Having This Baby Anyway?
Square One Publishers


7.5 X 9.3 in
386 pg

HEALTH & FITNESS / Pregnancy & Childbirth

$19.95 Paperback
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By:  Breck Hawk


In this important book, Breck Hawk explains how pregnant women can avoid the sometimes serious repercussions caused by unnecessary labor drugs and medical interventions. Hey! Who’s Having This Baby Anyway? begins with the Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities so that moms-to-be understand how they can remain involved in their own care. The author then presents information on the types of available caregivers, labor medications, natural remedies, complementary methods of pregnancy and labor, home birth, water birth, birth plans, and breastfeeding. Several chapters close with helpful workbook pages for those readers who learn best by doing. A concluding chapter presents a compilation of women’s childbearing experiences. Finally, lists of helpful books and websites point the way to further information and guidance.

Hey! gives power back to moms-to-be, showing them not only how they can make themselves heard, but also how they can take control of their birth experience.


Author Biography

Breck Hawk has had over thirty years experience as a midwife, prenatal instructor, and registered nurse specializing in maternity and neonatal intensive care. In Canada, she founded the Alberta chapter of the Association for Childbirth at Home International (ACHI), and served as President and prenatal instructor. In the US, Breck worked as an RN at Sacred Heart Community Hospital in Eugene, Oregon. Currently, she is a neonatal intensive care nurse in San Diego, California.