How to Promote Your Book

A Practical Guide to Publicizing Your Own Title

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How to Promote Your Book
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By:  Jan Yager


Whether your book is being commercially released by a major or medium-sized house, through an academic press, a hybrid publisher, or it is being self-published, authors can and do play a crucial role in getting their titles seen, talked about, and sold. And while you may watch dozens of authors pitch their books on TV, in social media, and at events in bookstores, they represent only a fraction of the writers who come out with new books each year. So what do they know that you don’t know? They know what to do to get attention for themselves and, even more importantly, for their books. Fortunately, you now have a guide to doing it for yourself as well.

In How to Promote Your Book, you will learn Book Promotion 101. It is true that promoting a book takes a lot of effort, but once you know what you need to do, you will be able to do it! The fact is that most authors are clueless about the hurdles they have to jump over to get some let alone a lot of attention on their book. We are also not talking about just a day or two of attention but continual attention, what separates books that have a few sales from those that become steady sellers and even bestsellers. In bestselling author Jan Yager’s new work, How to Promote Your Book, she explains what barriers are out there that can stop you and your book from getting the attention you need and deserve, and, even more importantly, what you need to know, and to do, to get past those obstacles. Jan also lets you in on the best ways to get the awareness and interest that you and your book deserves.

How to Promote Your Book is divided into three sections. Part One begins with a look at basics of promotion. These include knowing the marketplaces for your book, who is the audience for each particular book that you are publishing, how the media is divided up, the crucial elements that are involved in publicity, and how to create an effective promotional timeline.

Once you understand the basics, Part Two focuses on the ways to package and market yourself to the various book and media outlets. It discusses putting together professional looking press releases and media kits that will actually get read and help to get you booked on shows, and interviewed by journalists, bloggers, radio, TV, and podcast hosts. It explains how to obtain those all-important advance endorsements and also how to get reviewed, as well as how to generate speaking engagements and media interviews.

Part Three provides a plan that covers the first three months of an author’s publicity program—the most pivotal three months—from the day your book is formally released through all the media events that you have (hopefully) been lined up. Throughout the book, you will find insets to answer important questions such as “What are the real costs involved in doing book promotion?” “Do I need to invest in media training?” “Do reader reviews at Amazon really matter?” and “Should I promote my book myself or hire a publicist?” And, just as importantly, at the end of this part, you will find  a valuable resource guide that will provide you with the names, addresses, and links to many of the key companies, media outlets, and other places covered in the book.

Jan Yager has had a fabulous career as both a bestselling author and publisher. She has been interviewed by many of the top TV and radio shows, including: NBC's Today; ABC'S Good Morning America (GMA) and The View; CBS's Mornings and Sunday Mornings; NPR's Fresh Air, Talk of the Town, and All Things Considered among others. Now, in this new work, How to Promote Your Book, you can learn what her secrets are to opening the doors to the all-important world of effective publicity. Jan's book will guide you with what you need to do once that door has opened so that the publicity you manage to generate works helps to raise your author profile and to sell more books.


Author Biography

Dr. Jan Yager received her M.A. in criminal justice from Goddard College and a Ph.D. in sociology from the City University of New York Graduate Center. Beginning at the age 23, she began her publishing career first working at Macmillan Publishing Company, and then at Grove Press working directly under the company’s founder Barney Rosset. There she learned to do everything from selling foreign and subsidiary rights to acquisitions, publicity, and sales.  Jan’s life has been all about writing and publishing, books. She is the author of more than 40 books published by such major houses as Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Scribner, Wiley, and Doubleday, as well as self-published by her own company, Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc.

Dr. Yager has been interviewed on such major TV shows as Oprah, ABC's Good Morning America (GMA) and The View, NBC's Today, and CBS's Mornings and Sunday Morning along with program segments on CNN, MSNBC, and BBC-TV in London. Dr. Yager’s award-winning titles include Foreign Rights and Wrongs; Effective Business and Nonfiction Writing; Career Opportunities in the Publishing Industry (with Fred Yager); Business ProtocolVictims; When Friendship Hurts (translated into 29 languages); Friendshifts; The Pretty One (a novel); Untimely Death (a novel, with Fred Yager); The Quiet Dog (illustrated by Mitzi Lyman); Work Less, Do More;and Put More Time on Your Side among others. Dr. Yager and her husband, Fred, reside in Stamford, Connecticut.