Pea in a Pod, Third Edition

Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth & Beyond

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Pea in a Pod, Third Edition
Square One Publishers


7.5 X 9.0 in
496 pg

FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / Motherhood

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By:  Linda Goldberg


Pregnancy and childbirth are not what they used to be. Fifty years ago, mothers-to-be visited their obstetricians once a month, did exactly what they were told, and gave birth to their babies while heavily sedated or anesthetized. Their husbands, who most likely had never even once accompanied them to the doctor, paced nervously in the waiting room, barred from the inner sanctum of the labor and delivery rooms. Today, some expectant parents still stand on the sidelines. But more choose to be active players. If you want to be a participant, not a spectator, in the birth of your baby, Pea in a Pod, Third Edition is your playbook.

The labor and birth options available to modern parents-to-be are numerous, and Pea in a Pod covers them all. Taking you from your first day of pregnancy through your child's first year, it presents everything from relaxation exercises to practice during pregnancy, to birth positions and breating techniques—a treasure-trove of information designed to make your labor and delivery easier. This comprehensive guide offers a month-by-month breakdown of the physical changes to expect during pregnancy; describes the emotional aspects of pregnancy; and discusses the do's and don'ts of sex during and after pregnancy. It also provides a nutrition plan for the pregnant woman; exercise plans for the mother-to-be, new mother, and cesarean mother; and a wealth of hints for the father-to-be, labor partner, and new father. In addition, the basics of infant care and an in-depth discussion of breastfeeding are included. The third edition of this bestseller—with over a half-million copies sold—reflects the most up-to-date information on nutrition, prenatal testing, labor and delivery options, infant care, and more. Over 200 photographs and illustrations summarize and highlight the text, while witty cartoons offer humorous insights into parenthood and serve as welcome proof that you're not alone in your fears and frustations.

Whether you're having your first child or your fourth, Pea in a Pod is an invaluable guide to keep at your elbow until your little one blows out that first birthday candle. A step-by-step handbook, a ready reference, and a source of practical advice, it is a book you'll turn to time and time again.


Author Biography

Linda Goldberg, RN, CCE, IBCLC, is a graduate of the Helene Fuld School of Nursing at West Jersey Hospital. She has taught childbirth classes since 1977, first with the CEA of Jacksonville, Florida, and then at Special Beginnings, an out-of-hospital birth center in Orlando. Currently, Linda is a lactation consultant and educator at Winter Park Memorial Hospital in Winter Park, Florida, where she teaches early pregnancy, breastfeeding, and Happiest Baby on the Block classes.