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Square One rocks the Natural Products Expo West 2017!

Posted: 2017/03/13

Garden City Park, NY: Square One Publishers made a wonderful splash this past weekend before thousands of attendees and fellow exhibitors at the annual Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim, California.

On hand as one of only three book publishers in attendance at the show, Square One made its presence known as the top alternative health book publisher in the US by organizing a handful of popular and well-attended author booksigning events across the weekend.

In addition to book events/giveaways for authors Martie Whittekin, CCN (The Probiotic Cure), Dr. Earl Mindell (The Happiness Effect), and Dr. Jeff Anshel (What You Must Know About Food & Supplements for Optimal Vision Care), Square One partnered with the nationally popular organic-ingredients company SunWarrior (with emphases on their "plant-based proteins and superfood supplements") to promote and advertise two days of amazing cooking demonstrations and book signings with weight-loss success story and health world rising-star Milan Ross (author, along with co-author Dr. Scott Stoll, of Square One's The Change and the forthcoming The Change Cookbook). Milan took part in more than ten big media interviews during the show weekend, including a TV segment with the Los Angeles-based FOX-11 affiliate channel KTTV.

There were also visits to the Square One booth from health writer/educator Gene Bruno (whose next book with Square One is What's In Your Blood and Why You Should Care, which Bruno will co-write alongside Dr. Earl Mindell) and Geoff Bond (whose new book, Paleo in a Nutshell, will be out this coming May and which follows in the evolutionary footsteps of Bond's previous Square One title, Deadly Harvest).

Two other Square One titles that also received a lot of attention on the trade show floor for much of the weekend is the newest from bestselling health author Dr. Mark Sircus entitled Healing with Medical Marijuana and a brand-new book from another bestselling health author Tom Monte titled Unexpected Recoveries: Seven Steps to Healing Body, Mind & Soul When Serious Illness Strikes. Time will tell how the rest of this year goes for Square One and their health books, but the company's popularity at the Expo West show this past weekend certainly suggests the best is yet to come for this striving and thriving indie book publisher.

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Square One author Kevin McCarey wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted: 2017/02/07   Source: The Savannah Morning News

Garden City Park, NY: At the recent Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Film Festival in Savannah, Georgia, the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Square One's author Kevin McCarey in recognition of his diverse career and accomplishments in the areas of marine life study, writing, and especially in the realm of documentary filmmaking. [place Savannah Morning News link in the word "filmmaking"]

As reported in The Savannah Morning News, "[Kevin] McCarey has traveled the world for National Geographic Television and Films and has written, directed, supervised and/or produced some 20 films on subjects ranging from the lions of the Kalahari to giant squid." Mr. McCarey is also a three-time Emmy-nominated writer and director who has worked on a Peabody Award-winning series for Turner Broadcasting and won an Emmy, three CINE Golden Eagle Awards and the prestigious Chris Award for his work (in addition to being recognized twice to date for his work as Academy Award semi-finalists). To see the video presentation from the event (featuring Kevin McCarey himself), please CLICK HERE.

While he continues to teach filmmaking in Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design, McCarey's most recent book, Islands Under Fire: The Improbable Quest to Save the Corals of Puerto Rico  (Square One: paperback, $$16.95 USD; hardcover, $24.95 USD), continues to win the attention of readers and reviewers alike (having been praised by Publishers Weekly in a starred review as a book that "is rich with humor, misadventure, and triumph . . . an engrossing and joyful trip").

Square One is proud to share news of Mr. McCarey's award, and congratulates him for this recognition of achievement.

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Square One celebrates Black History Month with two great books

Posted: 2017/02/01

Garden City Park, NY: February is Black History Month, and Square One Publishers has two remarkable books that are both historically important in recognition of the African-American experience.

Commissioned in this country by the Knights of Columbus Historical Commission and produced in 1924 at the height of this country's Black Renaissance, The Gift of Black Folk (Square One, $14.95 USD) by the late writer and cofounder of the NAACP, Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, represents one of the first critically acclaimed black histories ever to be published.

Square One's edition of this work represents a newly re-edited and reissued version of the material. The book features an Introduction by Carl A. Anderson, who, prior to becoming Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, spent nearly a decade working on issues of racial equality as a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Anderson states in the
Introduction: "A hundred years after W.E.B. Du Bois helped cofound the NAACP, the United States can view its civil rights achievements with pride. African Americans have served on the Supreme Court, in the Cabinet, and, finally, as President of the United States. The Gift of Black Folk allows us to fully appreciate these monumental achievements. It is our belief that Du Bois' classic work will continue to inform and inspire for many generations to come."

Equally groundbreaking in the realm of book publishing history is our publication of Black Broadway: African Americans on the Great White Way (Square One, $39.95 USD) by theater historian and six-time Tony award-winning producer Stewart F. Lane. This hardcover book is the first illustrated history or "coffee table"-format title that explores both in words and pictures the tumultuous and often rocky road travelled by African-American actors and actresses the past two centuries on their way to artistic reward and recognition on the Broadway stage. Featuring a Foreword by Tony award-winning director Kenny Leon, Black Broadway provides an entertaining and poignant history of a Broadway of which few are aware.

And the reviews have been great. The book has been declared:

* a "wonderful, insightful history of black theater" (Publishers Weekly);

* "an impressive overview with rare production stills, playbills, and posters making [Lane's] study an essential reference work" (Library Journal, starred review);

* a welcome addition to any library" (TalkinBroadway);

"a theatre-goer's delight" (The Bookwork Sez, syndicated columnist);

* "the book of all books" (;

* "a book that lets young people know how [Black] theater began" (Leslie Uggams, Tony Award-winning actress);

* "a fascinating cavalcade" (Harry Haun, Playbill);

* "a beautifully designed and clearly written coffee-table book" (Jonathan Mandell, American Theatre);

* "a great book" (Mark Simone, WOR-AM Radio);

* "informative . . . well focused . . . and beautifully illustrated" (Linda Winer, NEWSDAY);

* "a fantastic, comprehensive book and a great introduction for anyone with an interest in theatre" (Keith Price, SiriusXM Radio);

* "a hugely important book that's terribly entertaining" (Peter LeDonne, 970AM The Answer);

* "a story well worth telling" (BroadwayWorld);

* "a brisk, fascinating overview (with) hundreds of rare and revealing photographs" (Jesse Green, New York Magazine);

* "a detailed account from Minstrel Shows to Vaudeville, from the Jazz Age to the Golden Age of the American Musical, through the dramas inspired by the Civil Rights Movement to the present day Broadway" (Audrey Bernard, New York Beacon News); and

* "[an] admirably researched and beautifully illustrated theatrical history both on the specific Broadway shows and on the great theatrical talents that best define the contributions that black performers and authors have made to the American theater . . . an excellent volume." (New York Journal of Books)

Both Black Broadway  and The Gift of Black Folk are available here from Square One Publishers, and wherever good books are sold.

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The Diet that Changed Everything

Posted: 2017/01/01

Garden City Park, NY: 2016 was a year of significant and often stinging loss within the Boomer generation, starting last January with the loss of David Bowie to cancer at age 69, followed that same week by the passing of Eagles' founding member/singer Glenn Frey due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis at age 67; and then ending last week with the passing of both Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher due to a heart attack at age 60, and her mother—Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds—a day later following a stroke at age 84.

Would there have been anything that these beloved pop culture figures could have done to have extended the natural course of their lives? Our science now believes that there is. As it turns out, according to noted medical doctor and researcher Dr. Helen Vlassara in the new book Dr. Vlassara's AGE-Less Diet (Square One), there has been one unifying factor common to nearly all Western diets that has remained overlooked for decades. That key factor is now known as AGEs, and a better understanding of what AGEs do to us is the first step forward towards a far happier new year for all of us who wish to live longer and healthier lives.

Written by Dr. Vlassara along with bestselling cookbook author/nutritionist Sandra Woodruff and fellow medical doctor Dr. Gary E. Striker, Dr. Vlassara's AGE-Less Diet is based on a remarkable discovery made by a team of medical researchers (led by Dr. Vlassara) at New York City's Rockefeller University in the late 1970s.

While studying the links between the high sugar level of diabetes and the onset of various serious chronic health disorders, along with the serious prevalence of kidney failure and heart attacks, a toxic substance that sprang from a protein once glucose attached itself to it was discovered. Dr. Vlassara and her team came to call these substances advanced glycation endproducts (or AGEs). Once these chemicals are present in high volume, they begin to harden many of the body's cells--a process that is responsible both for the aging process and the gradual deterioration of organ function. Though it has tatken years for the AGE process to connect with the medical mainstream, it is now starting to be incorporated more actively into study and treatment of disease. Further study produced by Dr. Vlassara and her team also have shown that AGEs find their way into our bodies through the types of foods that we eat . . . and the way that we cook those foods.

As most folks might expect, those foods that are highest in AGEs are meats, cheeses, and fats—especially as served in fast-food restaurants or processed packaging. And the cooking methods that increase AGEs in our food is to deep-fry or use high-dry heat, such as baking or roasting foods in an oven or cooking foods on a grill.

The AGE-Less diet is focused on the robust dietary consumption of many fruits and vegetables, and an emphasis on raw foods and/or "moist-heat" cooking methods in which your meals are poached, braised, stewed, or steamed. What the AGE-Less diet has in common with popular health-driven diets such as  the whole foods plant-based diet (vegan) or the Mediterranean diet is the fact that it is central to these diets' combined focus on daily health and longevity. At a time when so many still continue to die too young due to compromised health, the approach and 100 delicious recipes at the heart of Dr.  Vlassara's AGE-Less Diet can help change everything in our lives for the better.

To check out this new book from Square One, feel free to CLICK HERE. To bring the AGE-Less approach to diet with you when you are eating a meal away from home with friends or family at a restaurant, be sure to also have with you with you a copy of the just-released THE AGE FOOD GUIDE.

Let's all try to have the happiest new year possible in 2017 by making better health choices. Everything in front of us has determined that our lives will very well depend on it.

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New AGE-less Diet is front-page news at Bottom Line/Personal!

Posted: 2016/12/05

Going out now to a circulation of 1.5 million readers, the popular consumer magazine Bottom Line/Personal has a featured front-page article dedicated to the groundbreaking study of Dr. Helen Vlassara, author along with bestselling cookbook author and nutritionist/dietitian Sandra Woodruff and Gary E. Striker, MD of DR. VLASSARA'S AGE-Less DIET ($16.95 USD, Square One).

The article, entitled "To Live Longer, Cook This Way," focuses on the complex chemical reaction that takes place in foods when cooked in a dry, high heat -- and which result in the production of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). While the steps one must take to achieve a far lower AGE-level lifestyle are covered in this new article, the 100 AGE-less and delicious recipes in the book help turn the desire for a lifestyle change into an achievable reality.

Applauded by Publishers Weekly for its "lucid explanation of how these chemical compounds damage and age the body" and also reviewed positively by Energy Times and Booklist (who declare the book "inspiring"), DR. VLASSARA'S AGE-less DIET will soon be followed by a companion volume titled THE AGE FOOD GUIDE  (due out in January 2017).

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