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Square One picks up new novelist James A. Misko

Posted: 2016/09/28

Square One Publishers, Inc. takes great pleasure in announcing its acquisition of novelist James A. Misko’s first four novels, originally published through Northwest Venture Press. A fifth novel, entitled The Path of the Wind, will be published for the first time by Square One in February 2017. Although Square One’s primary editorial focus has been based to date on non-fiction titles, the addition of Misko’s beautifully written works will now allow Square One to reach an entirely new audience.

Square One’s publisher, Rudy Shur, worked with Jim before on a successful non-fiction book a number of years ago titled How to Finance Any Real Estate, Any Place, Any Time. As a way to keep in touch with Shur since that book’s publication, Jim sent him complimentary copies of his novels. “When I received his fourth and most recent work, As All My Fathers Were,” Shur said, “I knew it was time to expand my company’s horizons, and I knew who the right author would be. In reading Jim’s titles, I find that his books are finely written in the story-telling tradition of John Steinbeck, Willa Cather, and Ernest Hemingway. Like those justly celebrated authors in our country’s history, Jim’s books draw upon the rugged spirit of independent men and women who live in rural America, where people forge their lives in the spirit of adventure and with an inborn strength of endurance. It is no wonder that As All My Fathers Were [2016] was the recipient of four top writer’s awards.”

As an active author, Jim will be cross-crossing the country, signing his titles in bookstores, lecturing, and enjoying an occasional Scotch in the evenings—single malt, of course.

All four of Misko’s novels will be available through Square One beginning November 1, 2016. In February 2017, Square One will publish James Misko’s fifth novel, The Path of the Wind.


For What He Could Become
$16.95, 384 pages, 1- x 6- x 9-inches paperback, ISBN 978-09640826-1-8

The Cut of Pride
$16.95, 304 pages, 5/8- x 5.5- x 8.5-inches paperback, ISBN 978-096408263-2

The Most Expensive Mistress in Jefferson County
$15.95, 192 pages, 1/2- x 6- x 9-inches paperback, ISBN 978-096408262-5

As All My Fathers Were
$19.95, 416 pages, 1- x 6- x 9-inches paperback, ISBN 978-096408264-9

The Path of the Wind [February 2017] $16.95, 320 pages, 1-x5.5-x7.5-inches paperback, ISBN 978-0-7570-0444-5

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THE CHANGE author Milan Ross named spokesperson for Sunwarrior Vegan

Posted: 2016/08/17   Source:

Garden City Park, NY: Only a few weeks into announcement of "The Change 31-Day Vegan Challenge" all throughout August with Vegan Lifestyle Magazine, weight-loss hero and vegan enthusiast Milan Ross has just been named a spokesperson for the nationally popular vegan protein powder company Sunwarrior. Milan's smiling face, as seen on the cover of Square One's acclaimed new hardcover, The Change, will be featured soon on the Sunwarrior home page and will be seen by its more than 3 million site users. In addition, Milan will be seen nationwide in the soon-to-be-released documentary Eating You Alive. In this compelling new doc, Milan shares the inspirational story of how he lost over 225 pounds when he "changed" to the vegan lifestyle celebrated by The Change co-author Scott Stoll, MD in his increasingly popular week-long immersion programs. Sharing the screen in the film with notables such as Oscar-nominated superstar Samuel L. Jackson, Oscar-winning Avatar filmmaker James Cameron and wife Suzy Cameron, and longtime comic and magician Penn Jillette, Milan Ross will also soon be seen nationwide in his very own TV cooking show.

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A Tribute to Woodstock icon Elliot Tiber (4/15/35 ~ 8/3/16)

Posted: 2016/08/08   Source: William Grimes, The New York Times -

It is with sorrow that Square One Publishers shares the following news: Taking Woodstock author and all around force-of-nature Elliot Tiber passed away in Boca Raton, Florida on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 while in hospice following complications due to stroke. He was 81 years old.

In addition to Taking Woodstock, Mr. Tiber wrote two other acclaimed memoirs with Square One: a "prequel" memoir, Palm Trees on the Hudson, and a "sequel" memoir, After Woodstock. Mr. Tiber's book about the Woodstock Festival of 1969  was turned into the acclaimed 2009 feature film from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee and Oscar-winning producer/screenwriter James Schamus. The film starred talented actor/comedian Demetri Martin as Elliot along with Eugene Levy as Max Yasgur and Jonathan Groff as the Woodstock Ventures promoter and leader Michael Lang. In fond remembrance of Mr. Tiber, the following key statements have been offered to the public among many others:

"Elliot was part of the magic of Woodstock. Without his phone call bringing me to Bethel, Woodstock might never have happened, and for that I am eternally grateful." —Mike Lang

"One day in San Francisco, a total stranger gave me a book, and a couple of years later, I ended up making a movie from it. I still find this astonishing, but the stranger happened to be Elliot Tiber, one of the most interesting—and talkative—people I've ever met; and the book was Taking Woodstock, his wonderful memoir of that last moment of innocence in 1969. It was a privlege for me to share a part of Elliot Tiber's life, and history on screen. I will miss him." —Ang Lee

"It was an honor to portray Elliot not just because of the role he played in making Woodstock happen, but even more so because of the courage and candor with which he lived his life and shared his story." —Demetri Martin

"Elliot Tiber was a larger-than-life character, whose story and spirit was a great gift to Ang [Lee] and me; it was an honor to help share his story with the world. He'll be missed." —James Schamus

"Elliot was a unique personage, a chronicler of his tumultuous times as well as a formidable participant. We met through the film Rue Haute (High Street), which I presented at the 92nd Street Y and included in my book about Holocaust Cinema: he wrote the screenplay for this fine drama directed by his partner André Ernotte. His expansive personality will be missed." —Annette Insdorf, Columbia University Film Professor and author of Holocaust cinema classic Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust.

To learn more about Mr. Tiber's legacy as a writer and a proudly gay man, together with the pivotal role he played in saving the legendary 1969 Woodstock Arts & Music Festival from cancellation, we invite you to read the excellent obituary from Bill Grimes for The New York Times. Rest in Peace, Elliot - thanks for sharing your freedom with us all . . .

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Black Broadway author Stewart F. Lane and wife/partner Bonnie Comley make Broadway history

Posted: 2016/06/29   Source: Michael Paulson, The New York Times

In addition to his work as author of the acclaimed theater history book Black Broadway, six-time Tony Award-winning producer Stewart F. Lane has joined with his wife and frequent partner/collaborator--the producer Bonnie Comley--to unveil a brand-new online streaming service called BroadwayHDTM.

Lane and Comley, who were given their own "couple portrait" to hang on the wall at the legendary Sardi's restaurant in early 2016, both see their new venture as an opportunity to preserve on film those many excellent Broadway and Broadway-caliber shows that run from season to season on the Great White Way. In addition, the service provides a more affordable and convenient way to experience several remarkable live show performances for those who can't get to Broadway.

The premiere broadcast of Roundabout Theater Company's celebrated new musical She Loves Me will will take place on June 30, 2016.

Check the BroadwayHDTM website for full details on subscription-rate pricing and a list of those Broadway shows that will be broadcast on the streaming service at any given time.

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Square One Publishers announces its acquisition of Ocean Publishing

Posted: 2016/06/28   Source:

Garden City Park, NY: Square One Publishers is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Ocean Publishing, a small independent publisher located in Flagler Beach, Florida. Ocean Publishing was founded by Frank Gromling in 2002. The company’s main focus has been on producing quality full-color titles in the areas of aquatic sports, ocean conservation, environmental protection, and planetary sustainability. In addition to garnering several national book awards, its list includes the highly successful National Marine Sanctuaries series by noted ocean protector Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of famed inventor and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau.

“For us,” notes Square One’s publisher Rudy Shur, “picking up Ocean Publishing gives us an opportunity to carry a group of niche titles that has great value and importance both in our lives and on this planet. As a publisher, I have always believed that there are books with stories and viewpoints that deserve to be heard. Now with the book business treading in choppier waters than ever before, I am pleased that we have discovered as sublime an ocean of books as we have here—with Ocean.”

“I have known Rudy for several years,” observes Ocean publisher and author Frank Gromling, “and I have come to appreciate him not only as a smart and savvy independent book publisher, but also as a friend.” Looking now to involve himself more in the art world—with a gallery of his own already set up in Florida—Gromling is pleased that his house will now be run by someone he knows and trusts. “For me, publishing has always been about passion and trust. I see a bit of myself in the passion that everyone at Square One has for what they do. And it feels good to know I can trust them to do right by what I’ve built with Ocean these past fourteen years.”

Ocean Publishing titles are now available through Square One wherever books are sold. As you consider these titles further, we invite you to click here and watch a first-rate book trailer for the acclaimed new Ocean Publishing  book called Islands Under Fire: The Improbable Quest to Save the Corals of Puerto Rico by Kevin McCarey.

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