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Abusive probate guardianship - small measure of justice out of Florida is only the tip of the iceberg here in the U.S.

Posted: 2019/07/12

Garden City Park, NY: For those already aware of our important book Guardianships and the ElderlyThe Perfect Crime—written by Dr. Sam Sugar, co-founder of the Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship (AAAPG)—we would like to share a story with you out of Florida.

As reported yesterday by The Orlando Sentinel ("Guardian filed DNR orders without permission, says judge who seeks her removal from nearly 100 cases"), Central Florida circuit judge Janet C. Thorpe has filed a court request to have Rebecca Fierledescribed on her website, taken down late yesterday, as a "Professional Guardian for the Elderly & Disabled"removed from nearly 100 cases where she was found to have filed "Do Not Resuscitate" orders on her various wards . . . without obtaining permission either from family members or the Florida court system. To see the article, click here.

While this represents an important though small measure of justice within the still largely-hidden world of abusive probate guardianships throughout the US, it remains just the tip of the iceberg.

To learn more about this alarming problem nationwide, read Guardianships and the Elderly (available wherever books are sold).

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The Gay Man Who Saved Woodstock—A Life in Three Memoirs, and the Woodstock History You Never Knew

Posted: 2019/06/20

"Elliot was part of the magic of Woodstock. Without his phone call bringing me to Bethel, Woodstock might never have happened, and for that I am eternally grateful." —Michael Lang, Woodstock Ventures co-founder as quoted in The New York Times'  obituary of Elliot Tiber (1935–2016)

Garden City Park, NY: June is LGBT Pride Month, and with the fate of the Woodstock 50 festival still undecided and the world on the brink of total cosmic chaos, we all could do with a little laughter and happiness. Well, another word for "happy" is "gay," and a lot of laughter can be found in the life—and books—of Elliot Tiber, the late great gay man who saved Woodstock from cancellation fifty years ago in the sleepy town of Bethel, New York.

Before he passed away at age 81 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida due to stroke-related complications back in August 2016, Elliot Tiber had done a great many things in his varied and often quixotic life. During much of the 1960s, he was a successful New York City interior designer. He has also been, both in the US and Europe, a filmmaker; a playwright; a humorist; a college professor; a best-selling author; and, as a proudly gay man, an activist for LGBTQ rights throughout the world.

In the summer of 1969, his life intersected dramatically with the Stonewall Inn riots in New York’s Greenwich Village (where he took part in what became known as the Gay Liberation Movement) and the legendary Woodstock Arts & Music Festival. The iconic concert might never have taken place at famed Yasgur’s Farm up in Bethel, New York if Mr. Tiber had not offered festival producer Michael Lang the crucial legal permit that allowed him to stage the event. These two pivotal moments in Tiber’s life were the focus of his first book, Taking Woodstock, which was also made into the acclaimed same-name film by two-time Oscar winning director Ang Lee released ten summers ago.

The "Tiber Trilogy," as the books are known unofficially amongst the "squares" at Square One—and of which Taking Woodstock is the middle titleis also comprised of both a "prequel" memoir, Palm Trees on the Hudson, and a "sequel" memoir titled After Woodstock (with a richly appreciative Foreword by Ang Lee).

Both Palm Trees on the Hudson and After Woodstock will be released this summer in first-time audio productions narrated by Chicago, Illinois-based veteran actor/director and voiceover artist Edwin Wald. (Tiber was portrayed in Ang Lee's 2009 film by multi-faceted comedian Demetri Martin.)

If the new PBS Woodstock doc is any indication, it would seem that Elliot's vital and life-loving part in what made the 1969 Woodstock Music & Arts Festival so special and so fun has been swept under the proverbial rug. By recalling him and his unique role in world history as "the gay man who saved Woodstock," we hope that folks both gay and STR8 will want to take a good look at his hilarious books and remarkable life.

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Was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "Jack the Ripper"? Yes, He Was - Watch TV's Travel Channel on June 18th for All the Details

Posted: 2019/06/13

Garden City Park, NY: Be sure to place orders right away for Square One’s controversial True Crime/Biography title The Strange Case of Dr. Doyle: A Journey into Madness & Mayhem.

The book—which puts forth the idea that the notorious “Jack the Ripper” killer who murdered several women in Victorian-era London, England was none other than beloved Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—will be featured on the Tuesday, June 18th episode of Travel Channel’s new investigative TV show America Unearthed hosted by Scott Wolter.

Also featured in the TV segment will be the book's authors, son/father writing team and medical doctors Dan Friedman, MD, and Eugene Friedman, MD.

The show's episode—titled “The Ripper Unmasked”—will explore the Friedmans’ incredible yet heavily researched theory in great detail, going so far as to show a connection between the murderous clues left by “Ripper”/Doyle at several murder scenes and the ritual symbolism employed by the secretive Freemason society over many generations.

America Unearthed airs on Tuesday nights nationwide at 10 PM ET/PT on Travel Channel, which is also available throughout the world. Follow @TravelChannel and #AmericaUnearthed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more exclusive content and updates—and follow host Scott Wolter on Twitter @realScottWolter.

This book—declared “a gripping and fascinating read” by none other than world-renowned Ripperologist expert Paul Begg—is poised now to become one of the most discussed, debated—and yes, wildly popular books of the year for Ripperologists and Sherlockians alike. Both passionate and precise, The Strange Case of Dr. Doyle brings a fresh new look at an old mystery.

And in addition to the first hardcover edition that is currently available ($29.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0348-6), Square One will also be bringing out a paperback version of The Strange Case of Dr. Doyle ($17.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0431-5) in this month of June 2019.

The Strange Case of Dr. Doyle is available on, and wherever else books are sold.

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Former NYS Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg Honored by NYS Legislature on June 12th

Posted: 2019/06/12

Garden City Park, NY: After a life spent dedicated to all manner of public service for more than sixty years, former longtime New York State assemblyman and Long Beach City Council member Harvey Weisenberg was honored on June 12 by the New York State Senate and Assembly. (To see presentation, click here - segment starts at 14 min. mark, ends at 33 min.)

In addition to his political service, Mr. Weisenberg has worked tirelessly over the past six decades as a police officer; a special-ed teacher and elementary school assistant principal; and even as, in his own words, "the oldest working lifeguard."

Much of Weisenberg's life, as mentioned in a recent article about him from the Long Island Press, was devoted to the improvement of daily life for special needs families through his work as a politician when "he served for 13 years on the Long Beach City Council and 25 years as a New York State assemblyman, during which time he was responsible for more than 337 bills signed into law." Some of the laws he helped pass during his tenure include: Adam's Law, which requires safety restraints in taxis and delivery vehicles to be clearly visible at all times; Louis' Law, which requires that life-saving defibrillators be made available in all schools; and Jonathan's Law, which demands that "residential care facilities notify and inform parents and legal guardians of children and adults receiving services of [any/all] incidents involving their loved ones" among many others.

The most important part of his life, however, has remained the life and family that he built with his beloved late wife, Ellen, over more than 50 years. In particular, as he writes about so movingly in his memoir For the Love of a Child ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0480-3), much of his life's meaning was crystallized by the love and care he felt for Ellen's son, Ricky, who had been born with cerebral palsy. Now sixty years old and living in a group home in the Plainview section of Long Island, New York, Ricky continues to give a sense of purpose and responsibility to the eighty-four-year old Weisenberg each day. A figure of strength and inspiration for special needs families both across New York and well beyond the state, former NYS Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg has done much to improve the world in which he lives—and for that, he is to be congratulated.

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Square One's "Father's Day Story"

Posted: 2019/06/07

Garden City Park, NY: Jan Yager has written and published 50 books during her 48 years in the book biz. There’s always been one book, though, that she had hoped to help see published—the one her father had always wanted to write.

“I found out a few years after he passed away from a brain tumor at age 80,” Yager recalls, “that my father, a dentist who gave up his own private practice when he was 65, had wanted to write a self-help book for retirees—but he never told me or anyone else about it. I only learned about his literary ambition when my mother shared with me a journal my Dad had been keeping in the year leading up to his retirement, and beyond. If only I have known about my Dad’s goal of becoming a published author! I could have helped him to fulfill it. I know in my heart of hearts that my Dad’s later years would have been more rewarding for him.”

With the recent publication of her newest title, How to Self-Publish Your Book ($19.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0465-0), Yager hopes to now help others, old and young alike, to achieve their own dreams of writing—and, yes, publishing—a book of their own.

Having worked fulltime beginning at age 23 with such big trade houses such as Macmillan and Grove Press; getting published starting at age 26 by commercial giants like Scribner, Prentice-Hall, Doubleday, Wiley, and Simon & Schuster, among others; and then self-publishing through her own company, Hannacroix Creek Books, since 1996, Yager found a like-minded publishing colleague for her book on self-publishing in Rudy Shur. (Shur is himself the author of Square One's popular guide How to Publish Your Nonfiction Book, now in a revised second edition.)

Having been president of Avery from its 1976 start date until its 1999 acquisition by Penguin Putnam (yes, that’s pre-“PRH” consolidation name with Random House from a few seasons back), Shur’s present company, Square One Publishers, is now the biggest independently-owned trade book publisher of both alternative and conventional health books in the nation.

It didn’t hurt that Shur remembered first meeting Yager when both were still NYC borough kids in their late teens—Jan grew up in Bayside, Queens, graduating from Francis Lewis High School. But what chiefly drove Shur's decision to publish Jan’s book on the good, the bad, and the ugly of self-publishing was just how many horror stories he had heard from any number of self-published authors whenever he would give talks and lectures to writers’ groups and organizations.

“Eight out of ten of these people,” Shur says, “would tell me how they had paid so-called ‘publishing experts’ to help them publish their very own bestseller. These folks didn’t have a clue. They needed to know that no one can promise that your book will become a bestseller. But at least they could write and publish a book that could potentially stand up to the competition. I always thought to myself, if only those self-published authors could have gotten a hold of a book that would tell them everything they needed to actually know about how to go about publishing their own book.”

Fortunately, that book, How to Self-Publish Your Book, now exists. Yager's book is already getting high marks from pre-publication sources that the book industry turns to for guidance about what new books to know about, such as the American Library Association’s Booklist (“Realistic, accessible, and thorough”), the equally library-friendly Library Journal (who has given the book a starred review), and the 100+-year-old book biz guide, Publishers Weekly (“Invaluable to anyone seeking to self-publish”).

Stuck for a gift to get those fathers in your lives who always seem to like telling stories, or those who you guess just might be harboring a secret wish to write a book and get it published? How to Self-Publish Your Book just might do the trick.

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